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Image of the Kencana Park Area in the Community Perception of Colonial City Space in Bogor

The Taman Kencana area currently comes with active parks and culinary destinations. Almost on weekends this area is full of visitors from Bogor and outside Bogor. However, they only saw the Taman Kencana area as a public space of the city and the park in general without knowing how the Kencana Park was present in the past.

Taman Kencana, designed by Ir. Thomas Karsten as a meeting point for government officials and researchers in the Dutch Colonial era who still have interesting stories. Indo-European-style buildings around the park are now undergoing many functional changes from house buildings to food stalls, so this encourages changes in people's perceptions of the area as one part of the colonial city space.

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Current public perceptions of urban space in the colonial region that has been designed for Dutch society that has begun to shift. The demand for fulfilling personal needs and the brand image of each economic actor leads to a dichotomy between the old image and the new image.

Taman Kencana is a small park between green areas in the city of Bogor. This park is one of the relics of the Dutch era. Supported by the atmosphere around it which is still shady with trees, this park is also a place of recreation and a kind of meeting point for some people in the city of Bogor, especially with the emergence of street food vendors and restaurants in the surrounding houses.

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Kencana Park will be very crowded on Sundays with various activities of the surrounding community such as jogging, selling, or just walking with family. This place is usually the final destination for morning runners, especially residents of Bogor, after tired of exercising around the Bogor Botanical Gardens or Sempur Field.

But it will feel very beautiful when in the middle of Taman Kencana there is a Garden Chair from Jepara for seating and can be used as a place for resting tourists.

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Jl. Taman Kencana No.3, Cibuluh, Bogor Utara, Kota Bogor, West Java 16128, Indonesia

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