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The Furniture Industry in Tegal Regency

The furniture industry is not only in Jepara. Many other regions have furniture industries. For example, Tegal district. Tegal Regency with its city called Slawi has a superior industry. One of them is the Furniture and wood industry.

The furniture and wood industry is centered in the southern part of Tegal district. This furniture industry area is still a lot of wood material which is spread in the forest forest owned by Perhutani, Tegal Regency. This is a distinct advantage for the furniture industry because of the abundance of raw materials so that it fosters enthusiasm in the furniture and wood processing industries.

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The furniture industry area in Tegal Regency is centered in Balapulang District, specifically Pamiritan village, Balapulang Wetan Village, and Balapulang Kulon village. This area is like the environment in Jepara, which is in the form of a home industry. The furniture industry in this region is small scale, while for the wood processing industry this has become a medium-scale industry and oriented to exports abroad. This wood processing industry is in the northern coastal region.

Here are the Furniture Industry Craftsmen in Tegal Regency:

KUB Karya Jati
Address: Pamiritan Village Rt 02 Rw 01 District of Balapulang
Production Types: Furniture and Furniture Industry (cabinets, tables, chairs)
Production Capacity: 720 units / month

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Address: Jatirawa Village Rt 02 Rw 01 Tarub District
Types of Production: Furniture and Furniture Industry
Production capacity : -

Address: Rt 03 Rw 09 Desa Balapulang Wetan Keca Balapulang
Types of Production: Furniture and Furniture Industry
Production capacity : -

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