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Royal Mebel Jepara Furniture Production

 Royal Mebel Jepara is a company that makes and sells Jepara furniture with contemporary and modern minimalist designs. We sell various kinds of Jepara furniture products in direct collaboration with local Jepara furniture craftsmen. 

Jepara furniture store offers quality furniture products and the convenience of shopping online. Apart from the furniture products that we provide, we also serve orders for furniture with design motifs and sizes that you can determine yourself. You can also send designs that you have created for us to study for production.

Our Address

Our company is located in the city of Jepara, 2 hours drive north from the capital city of Central Java, Semarang. Jepara is a city full of wood processing and carving culture. A culture that gives us more experience in wood processing compared to other regions in Indonesia. Our main office and production facilities are in Jepara.

Furniture Production

We produce all furniture for homes, hotels, villas, restaurants, offices and others which comes in various models and choices. We produce various Jepara furniture such as Guest Chairs, Dining Chairs, Office Chairs, Dining Tables and minimalist cupboards and others. We also accept orders in custom images. All of our products use teak and mahogany as the main materials. We also offer various furniture items made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or multiplex which are usually used for interior partitions. The wood we make is selected wood, not random wood. Jepara furniture shop products with various kinds of furniture designs including carved furniture, minimalist furniture, furniture. We really pay attention to the artistic aspect of the product, both carving and construction. We also accept special orders with designs that are not available on the general market.

Jepara Furniture Prices

Regarding Jepara furniture prices, we have a flexible policy towards customers, namely with a negotiation system for products with wholesale purchases, complete sets for houses, restaurants, hotels and so on. Retail furniture stores often make very high price markups, this is due to adjustments for other costs that we do not have. Apart from collaborating with local craftsmen. Of course we offer goods at very low costs but can give you the best offers, just like we give offers to our friends.

It is an honor for us to be able to work with you in the future. Entrust your furniture needs to us at Royal Mebel Jepara.

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