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Utilization of Solar Energy Assistance in the Jepara Wood Carving Industry

Jepara - The Governor of Central Java (Central Java) reviewed the use of alternative solar energy assistance from the Central Java Provincial Government for seven wood carving industries in Senenan Village, Tahunan District, Jepara Regency.

In order to maintain environmental sustainability, the Governor hopes that more industries will use alternative energy to increase their productivity.

"This is our effort to encourage the use of alternative energy. We provide assistance to the carvers, specifically the cooperatives in Jepara. Alhamdulillah, based on the recognition of friends (engravers) it can be more efficient, about 60 percent," said Ganjar after reviewing the benefits of the Central Java Provincial Government assistance. in the form of rooftop PLTS for industrial and handicraft cooperatives (Kopinkra) relief centers in Senenan Village, Tahunan District, Jepara Regency, Tuesday (31/5/2022).

The help of the alternative solar energy panels generates 20.4kWp of electrical power. Its use is hybrid with electricity from PLN. There are seven wood carving industries that have utilized the alternative energy. The seven members are members of the UMKM Relief Carving Industry and Crafts Cooperative (Kopinkra), including Oval Teak, Bumi Hijau, Tropical Ethnic, Carving Art, Mulyo Indah Putra, Ega Jati, and Fisikabo.

"So during the day, he uses solar power, later at night he uses PLN. So it's hybridized. The industry can be more efficient in terms of energy," he said.

Ganjar wants alternative energy from solar power that can be provided continuously and gradually. Including how to take care of the panel and battery so that utilization can run longer. It is possible that the solar panels can be used by more people.

"Because sales haven't recovered too much, it's still not good, this is an opportunity for them to make a product more efficiently because the energy is helped. Now if more people use it, we hope that we will be more accustomed to using the power installed at home." home. This is more productive," explained Ganjar.

In addition, Ganjar also encourages the use of alternative energy using solar panels for other industries. The pattern that has been used by Kopinkra carving in Jepara is expected to be an example for other regions. Where they invite home craftsmen to collaborate.

"The garment industry can also do that. Workshops also need energy. Everyone needs energy, so it's not impossible that all of them use alternative energy," explained Ganjar.

Apart from being given to Kopinkra, solar panel assistance, which is currently running, is also being given to Islamic boarding schools, schools, and industries other than carving. Even in the automotive industry and vehicle spare parts in Tegal.

"Other businesses are in Tegal, vehicle spare parts. So automotive can also be done, we can provide quite a lot of assistance. Yes, while introducing to the public that this can be efficient to help supply energy," said Ganjar.

Purwanto, one of the wood carving craftsmen, said that he had only been using solar energy for a few months. Over the past few months he has begun to feel the reduction in electricity costs.

"It can help reduce energy, for electricity payments, but if it's raining or cloudy it can't be used. If it rains a lot then the tombok (uses PLN electricity). Normally it's usually IDR 1 million. It's only been a few months, it rained a lot yesterday, so yesterday if I'm not mistaken, it will only decrease by Rp. 100 thousand. I don't know if it gets hotter, it can continue to decrease," he said.

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