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The Jepara RTRW Regional Regulation is Socialized, the Furniture Industry is Expected to Revive

 Jepara – Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 4 of 2023 concerning Jepara Regency Regional Spatial Planning (RTRW) for 2023-2043, socialized to investors and professional organizations. This regulation provides a guarantee that the furniture industry can be established throughout the Ukir City area.

"The furniture industry is permitted in urban and rural residential areas spread throughout Jepara Regency," said Jepara Regional Secretary, Edy Sujatmiko, Wednesday (8/11/2023).

Edy explained that specifically for the furniture industry in the RTRW Regional Regulation, it was created to accommodate the potential of Bumi Kartini's local wisdom. With this privilege, furniture and other furniture companies, including micro and small industries, are allowed in all areas.

Meanwhile, other furniture and furnishing companies, including medium and large industries, are allowed with conditions in residential areas.

The provisions, said Edy, are that medium-sized activities specifically engaged in the wood industry, wooden goods, cork and furniture are required not to expand their land. Meanwhile, medium and large industrial activities are permitted provided they are established, have a permit, and do not carry out land expansion.

Edy added that this regulation was also made to ensure that the furniture and carving industry remained alive and supported the people of Jepara. Because, some people think that Carving City is currently just a slogan.

As we all know, for at least the last ten years, Jepara Regency has been invaded by dozens of non-timber industries. Mainly in the Nalumsari, Kalinyamatan, Mayong and Pecangaan subdistricts.

"Through this Regional Regulation on RTRW, we will ensure together that Jepara remains the Carving City. "It's not just a slogan. But it remains the backbone of the community's economy," said Edy.

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