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Root Table Unique Furniture from Banjarsari Ciamis

Root Table, Unique Craft Art from Banjarsari Ciamis

The root table produced by craftsmen from Sukasari Village, Banjarsari District is a unique craft art to have. The resulting product is a root table, this table is made from waste tree roots but has been transformed into furniture for the home.

This community, known as the Active Thinkers Group (Kompak), is relatively new in producing root tables in Ciamis Regency.

One of the members of the compact, Fajar said that he had produced a root table but it was not yet known and even acknowledged by the relevant agencies.

“Previously there was production for the root table, but it has not been recognized by the service. It was only in 2020, after getting the Tourism Office Decree, that we increased the production of our root table,” said Fajar.

This creative group has 16 sub-sectors of the creative economy including culinary, fashion and photography, and the main one is root table craft.

This root table product is made from teak tree roots obtained from around the village. In addition to teak tree roots, this craft usually uses other tree root materials with strong and durable conditions.

Another compact member, Hendi said that this root table product takes a relatively long time. Wood roots cannot be directly processed, they must go through several stages first.

“The wood roots obtained cannot be directly processed. Roots must be cleaned and dried first. The production time usually takes 10-14 days with 3 craftsmen working on it.” Hendi said.

The uniqueness of the table of roots produced by the Active Thinkers Group is that the resulting production is in a natural form because not much has been changed from its original form.

Root table marketing itself is still not maximized. Fajar said that marketing is still within the scope of the village and has not spread widely.

"Root table products for marketing are still local in the village, unless there is an event usually coming from the government who likes to be interested," he said.

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