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Furniture and Handicraft Industry Opportunity to Seize New Market at IFEX

Indonesia's furniture and handicraft industry has an important role for economic growth. The implementation of the Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) has proven to have a very large positive effect on the Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry, so that the Indonesian furniture and handicraft market can continue to grow. In the midst of a pandemic, this industry can still show a pretty good performance.

“I am optimistic that the recent recovery in public spending will support increased sales of furniture, both for export and for domestic consumption. This optimism is quite reasonable considering that the export performance of the furniture industry in 2021 will reach a value of USD 2.5 billion," said the Indonesian Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, in his remarks at the opening of the largest furniture and handicraft exhibition in Indonesia, the Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2022, today (18/8) in Jakarta.

He stated that the growth in global furniture consumption should also be a momentum and opportunity for the domestic furniture and handicraft industry to improve its performance.

Based on the results of the Center for Industrial Studies (CSIL) study, global furniture consumption in 2022 is estimated to grow by 3.9%. The results of this CSIL study are reinforced by the Consumer Market Outlook issued by Statista which estimates that the global furniture industry revenue will continue to increase consistently from USD1.3 trillion in 2020 to USD1.6 trillion in 2025.

“We can clearly and clearly capture the global optimism towards the furniture industry. Therefore, our domestic furniture industry must not lose and must immediately seize this opportunity,” said Agus Gumiwang.

He stated that the government's affirmative action to intensify efforts to increase the use of domestic products must also be a momentum for the furniture and handicraft industries to improve performance and absorption of their products.

On the same occasion, Chairman of the Presidium of the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI), Abdul Sobur, stated that holding the IFEX exhibition was HIMKI's effort to show the quality of Indonesian furniture and handicraft products to the public. He stated that in the midst of the pandemic, the furniture and craft industry was still showing a pretty good performance.

 “The export growth of the Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry has reached a significant number. Furniture export growth reached 32 percent and handicrafts reached 16 percent with an average increase of both reaching 27 percent," said Abdul Sobur.

He stated that the growth in 2021 was the largest growth in the last 10 years.

To maintain the growth momentum, he said industry players needed government assistance and support in terms of policies, especially regarding the obligation of the Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK).

Minister Agus said that the SVLK is aimed at maintaining aspects of environmental sustainability and the chain of custody of raw materials (sustainability and traceability) in wood products. Aspects of sustainability and traceability are currently receiving great attention and have even become a requirement in the global market.

On the other hand, he said that the implementation of the mandatory SVLK in the downstream industry is seen as less relevant and creates a high cost economy in the downstream wood industry (furniture and handicraft industry). For this reason, the government will prepare various steps and support efforts to solve issues related to the development of the Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry.

The Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) is the largest industrial exhibition regularly held by the Indonesian Furniture and Crafts Industry Association (HIMKI) and Dyandra Promosindo. After being absent from being held offline, this year IFEX is back in person for international buyers and visitors.

This year's exhibition was attended by more than 250 exhibitors and recorded 3,500 registered buyers. In addition, IFEX is also held online through the www. ifexindonesia. com platform. HIMKI and Dyandra Promosindo are committed to supporting Indonesian furniture and handicrafts and introducing them to the global market.

“One of the things that can support the increase in the value of our exports is through promotions and exhibitions. IFEX 2022 is Indonesia's flagship event and international showroom for the furniture industry," said the President Director of Dyandra Promosindo, Daswar Marpaung. Since its inception, he said, IFEX has become the benchmark and development of the Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry and a reference for global industry players.

On the other hand, Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry players continue to strive to present the best products to domestic and foreign consumers. “Industry players never stop innovating and developing products. The products we present at this year's exhibition are the best that members can offer"

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