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French Style Furniture

Perfect combination of luxury, quality and beauty of furniture, French furniture in variety of designs and types, which available to accomplish all home living spaces. French style furniture is available collections commode, desk, mirror, dining table, dressing table, stool, armoire, bedside and more. Our furniture selections use only finest material and pass through proper processes of production for a guarantee of quality.


A collection of armoire provides larger storage space for your bedroom or living room. French style furniture that present you beauty and function at once. Armoire collection is available in glass door armoire for your precious collection, so everyone who visits enables to see it and keep your collection neatly. Besides that, it provides you storage space for cloth, suits and dresses of your. The collection of armoire is available in typical of French furniture in white color and other classic style in natural color.


Bedroom is a place of personal sanctuary with comfort in top of list. French style bedroom furniture gives you ultimate comfort as well as elegant looks for your bedroom interior. A bed should provide comfort that supports your relaxation. Finest material used is a guarantee for quality. The bed uses tone of color that strengthens the impression of classic style of interior. Other collections of French style furniture are available also to accomplish your elegant and luxurious home interior.


Bedside completes final look of your bedroom as well as functioned as table and storage spaces in the room. Bedside eases you to put your glasses, cell phone or other thing you put on it right before you sleep as well as the first thing you grab in the morning. Jepara Heritages presents you beside in classic and typical French furniture for your home living spaces. Natural look and the color combination of French bedside enrich your room with style. Finest quality of French style furniture by Jepara Heritages.


In supporting our daily activities, chair is available in various type and design. French style chair is available in wider ranges of styles and colors of finishing, in order accomplishing all home interior. Elegant style, finest material and fabulous finishing are great combination for distinctive home interior. Soft cushion used provides you perfect comfort. Collection of French chair consists of chair with arm and without arm. Both present you quality and beauty at once.


Commode provides you storage space with style. It consists of several drawers to put your cloth, accessories and others neatly. Wide ranges of commode made from finest material and finishing, the collection is available in various design and type of finishing. The collection is available in several type and number of drawers, which meet all customers’ demands. Natural looks in golden and yellow tone of colors is available for classic style of home interior, on the other hand, modern contemporary styled commode just suit to any modern living spaces of yours. 


French furniture as useful table with stylish designs, Jepara Heritages presents you wood desk selections. Desk is useful for your office, home office, and study room or even in your living room. The furniture gives you classic impression and ambiance in the room decorated. The collection is available in numbers of desk type and designs as well as various color of finishing. The style and design deliver distinctiveness of French style furniture that draw the limelight in the room decorated. Desk collections of Jepara Heritafe will accomplish all home living space, both modern of classic home interior.

Dinning Table

Inspired from Classic French era, our dining table offers elegance and beauty of style into home interiors. The range of French dining tables are eye-catching that transform any formal or informal meal gathering. We provide rectangular, round and oval dining table to adjust the costumers’ need. Each of table pieces is created in artistic carving and little distressed touch. The variations of colors can be viewed through two tone color of table that is stunning and distinct the room and surrounding.

Dressing Table

Our dressing tables are available in beautiful and unique design. They are available in cream or dark color to add the glimpse of bedroom area. Each of dressing table is craved in detail by the hand of skillful artisans to aim quality and satisfaction. The elegance dressing tables are varied in designs with tilt-out mirror and fix mirror as the options. To add the French feel, our dressing tables completed with natural distressed finish as final perfection. With our glamorous dressing piece, it would be faultless way to transform bedroom into astonishing total French style.


It is easy to make the wall as the focal point with the help of our French style mirror range. From traditional to modern color of painted mirrors, they are available in many size and carving options. Each mirror is designed carefully, from simple to sophisticated carving, to reach the quality as well as the beauty. With the perfect pieces from us, they are surly brighten any rooms and make the large effect as additional touch. If you are looking for great accent furniture to complement any part of living space, French mirror style will do.


Stool its important in creating memorable moments. It suits ant space whether it is used as foot stool or corner piece. Produced with fine material for foam cushion, linen, and frame, they are certainly for the need of comfort impact. The studded stools give another strong performance and glamorous furnishing. Variety of colors from cream, French grey, tangerine to bright patterned linen are part of our commitment in creating astonishing look of French stool furniture. Choose a stool to sit with dressing table or others as it is true companion to couple with armchairs or sofas.

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