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Designer and Maker of Fine Furniture From Australia

Designer and Maker of Fine Furniture From Australia

From the ancient forests of Australia come fine timbers of an exceptional nature. Ravaged by fire, wind and rain, Australia's forest timbers develop characteristics and qualities that are unmatched anywhere in the world, making them a favourite among connoisseurs of fine furniture the world over.

Deep in the heart of the forests of southwest Western Australia - an area bigger than England - some of the world's tallest trees touch the sky.  Here hardwood timbers such as jarrah, marri and sheoak are being transformed into unique furniture that will be cherished for generations to come. Jarrah, with its durability and superb natural colour, has long been a favourite with craftspeople and consumers alike. 

In recent years, marri with its gum veins standing in striking contrast to its blonde colour, has increasingly been used in fine furniture. Sheoak's oak-like qualities and superb grain is a natural for furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Working from the small community of Nannup in the southwest of the state, master craftsman Kim Roycroft is transforming these unique timbers into fine furniture of exceptional beauty, style and quality and presenting them to the world - and to you.

West Australian Timbers

The timber used in fine furniture is unique to the South West Forest of Western Australia. Growing in this sometimes harsh environment with months of dry, relentless sun, subject to constant bush fires the timbers of Western Australia are tough and harder even than European Oak. This harsh environment makes the timbers unique. Feature grade timbers have features that cannot be found anywhere outside Australia. The natural colours of the wood are quite breathtaking and there is no need to stain.


Living and working in the heart of the south west forest allows to mill and dry own stock. We know its history as it is handled by professional from the forest floor, through the processes of sawing, air drying, kilning and finally as boards that are individually picked out for a piece of fine furniture

Jarrah Timber

Jarrah the best known and loved of WA's hardwoods, has a deep natural redness--unlike mahogany's there is no need to stain the jarrah--the colour is all natural. Because it is not stained the variation in redness forms a pleasing contrast.

Marri Timber

Mingled among the jarrah in the forests is the Marri (Redgum). Long regarded by timber millers as of no economic value, marri when sawn for feature grade reveals many outstanding characteristics which are appealing to many customers. Creamy light in colour with contrasting black gum veins and streaks it has now become a highly sought after and fashionable timber.

Sheoak Timber

Both the jarrah and the marri are Eucalypts. The third timber we use is a casuarina--its common name Sheoak. West Australian sheoak is a highly figured honey coloured timber which is very stable. However, it does not grow as large as the Eucalypts and suffers during bushfires (something the Eucalypt trees take in their stride).

The recovery rate is far as sawmilling is concerned is very low which makes it unproductive for most large manufacturers. 

About Designer

A Kim Roycroft Design can easily be recognised as unique. Always perfectly proportioned, always professionally made. Hand finished to a real lustre, which does not hide, or detract from the natural beauty of wood.

His traditional style is simple, yet elegant. It lends itself as easily to a country house as to the stately elegance of a city mansion or even a large commercial project. The style reflects his great knowledge of timber, the way it behaves, the understanding that wood is a forever living thing. His furniture design takes into consideration the timber's natural beauty - his construction, its movement and force.

Kim's love affair with wood began in Ireland where he was born. On completion of his trade exams he left Ireland to work in London. There he had the privilege of working on some of the finest buildings in the world-renewing and replacing panelling and joinery in such classic buildings as the Bank of England in the old City of London. These fine old buildings gave him his traditional approach.

As his reputation grew he found himself exhibiting at such venues as the Distinctive Homes Exhibition in Alexandra Palace, London, Powderham Castle in Cornwall and many others.

Kim came to Western Australia in 1990 and settled in the small timber town of Nannup. Here he found access to his own timber. Over the years he has built up a stock of fine jarrah, sheoak and marri. Timber that has been especially selected and milled for furniture making.

Now several years on, Kim is making his mark in Western Australia as a designer/maker of fine furniture with commissioned pieces being sold not only in WA but to the Eastern States, Japan and Singapore. He has taken on larger projects such as supplying furniture to the Colonial Motel in Margaret River and fitting out its "Margaret's Restaurant & Bar", the Council Chambers boardroom table at the Shire of Nannup and others.

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