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Choosing Glass For Furniture

 There are various kinds of glass that can be used to complete the design of furniture. However it is important for us to know the type of glass that is good and suitable for the furniture so that the glass will work as expected.

Ordinary glass

Clear and transparent, pure without any other additional material as a safety or light absorbers.This glass is usually used on windows or doors. According to section little doors on the furniture or picture frames.

Energy Efficient Glass

There is a thin layer on one side (can be a sticker or film) that serves to reflect sunlight and reduce heat on the reverse side. The glass is typically used in buildings. For use in furniture and interior is still very rare, only a few people use it to the glass door of the kitchen cupboard.

Safety Glass (tempered glass)

This type of glass will be shattered when broken so as not to endanger the safety of users in the vicinity. The process of making this glass should be cut in advance in accordance with the required size and smoothed. Then the glass will be heated at high temperature (approximately 620 C) and cool immediately.

Safety glass is suitable for doors with a large enough frame and a table top dining table or coffee table. Or in a place that has a fairly high risk of rupture is not harmful.

Laminated Glass

As the name suggests, this glass is made ​​by attaching two or more sheets of glass with a layer of film adhesive in the middle. This film layer (transparent) will bind the case of broken glass so the glass does not immediately fall apart but will remain a single entity. It sanagat good for security use.

The glass used for laminated glass may be ordinary glass or safety glass.


Usually made ​​of glass with a thickness between 4-6mm (tempered or not tempered). Then on the back coated liquid silver or aluminum.

Mirror for door cupboard is not equipped with frame should use safety glass material and glass is applied with a special glue on plywood base that is safe for the user.

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