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Antique Victorian Furniture Diversity

Antique Victorian Furniture Diversity

Antique Victorian furniture is considered to be the most gorgeous and luxurious among the great variety of styles. Even nowadays in the time of technological advance, when everything seems to be so perfect and splendid, the Victorian style remains to be the most favorite one for the richest people of all over the world.

Antique Victorian furniture may be divided into several sub styles, according to the period they were created. So, first and, perhaps, the most available, is the Rococo Revival period (1845-1865). The pieces of furniture of this period were usually made of mahogany, walnut and rosewood. This style is distinguished by the carvings of flowers, fruit and leaves. Antique Victorian furniture is represented by the round or oval tables with cabriole legs. John Henry Belter was the most famous designer of this period. He created a technique of laminating the wood, in order to produce more durable furniture. This technique was copied by many of his contemporaries.

The other pieces of antique Victorian furniture, such as wardrobes, dressers and drawers are decorated with carvings of fruit or flowers. Nowadays this style is very popular and you also may find a lot of reproductions. But it is very easy to discern the difference between the original and the reproduced antique Victorian furniture. The carvings on reproductions are not so detailed and these pieces of furniture are never made of rosewood or walnut.

The other period of antique Victorian furniture is the Renaissance Revival (1860-1880). As usual the designers used mahogany, but rosewood and chestnut still remained popular. The most part of antique bedroom furniture of this style (e.g. sleigh beds) is decorated with gold, bronze or black engrave. Instead of nature theme, the craftsmen started to carve heads and plaques on the crests of the furniture. In 1876 the Renaissance Revival period reached its summit.

And the last period of the antique Victorian furniture is usually called Turn-of-the-century. It was time between the Spanish American war and World War I. Because of the lack of walnut and chestnut wood, the oak antique furniture became the main product of that time. Though the companies continue to produce the furniture, made of this material, the mahogany has remained to be more expensive. Fitted bedroom furniture is available in different styles to meet the requirements of even the most hard-to-please customers.

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