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a Bamboo Weaving Art Creation from Ciamis

Get to know Mabokuy, a Bamboo Weaving Art Creation from Ciamis

Ciamis is one of the districts in the province of West Java that produces unique traditional arts. One of them is Boboko and Situy Human Art or better known as Mabokuy.

Mabokuy is one of the many arts in Ciamis Regency. This creative art that was born from the Rajadesa community is a form of creativity from the use of woven bamboo. Not coincidentally, Rajadesa is the center of woven bamboo in Ciamis.

Various kinds of utensils made of woven bamboo such as boboko, satuy, tampir and baskets have actually been marketed by the community to various regions. But over time, plastic utensils continue to erode the need for woven utensils.

Only after that, a creative idea emerged from one of the residents of Purwaharja Village, Rajadesa District to develop a new art called Mabokuy. The shape resembles ondel-ondel with clothes made of woven bamboo.

This artwork is controlled by one player who plays Mabokuy as a beautiful girl, parents or grandparents. Every time he performed, Mabokuy was accompanied by Sundanese music and swayed constantly to the music.

The expertise of the people of Purwaraja Village in the art of woven bamboo has been carried out for generations. The results of his work are also no less competitive with woven products from other regions or can be said to have topnotch quality.

Mabokuy's artwork was originally born to promote superior woven bamboo products from Purwaharja Village. In addition, Mabokuy activists try to preserve local wisdom. But apparently, Mabokuy received attention and a positive response from the wider community.

As a form of preserving local wisdom, Mabokuy art is supported by the Department of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ciamis Regency. In fact, Mabokuy's artwork has often appeared at various government events and welcoming guests.

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