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The election of the Chairman of the KADIN Jepara was full of deception

 Jepara - I wonder what happened when the election committee announced that the registration of presidential and vice presidential candidates would begin

October 19 at 09:00

and closed on

October 25 at 23:59, come suddenly on October 25 at 00:29 an announcement of schedule changes came out, and at 00:30 registration was closed by the selection committee...

It could be a big uproar. Public trust has clearly been lost in the committee and of course the incumbent (if there is one).

But don't worry... Something as ridiculous as that couldn't possibly happen on the scale of a presidential election.

In fact, the selection of the 17an committee in my RT is not that crazy in making regulations. How come the opponent's tackle strategy is that rough, it's not good for the good name of our RT environment.

This actually happened in the election of the chairman of the KADIN Jepara... the only parent organization in the state, cooperative and private business world. The quality of the chairman selection process is like this!!!

The reason for this sudden closure uses an anti-embarrassment move. It was said that because there was already 1 candidate registered to match the incumbent, the closing of candidate registration for chairman was accelerated by the committee. Where do the rules come from if there is already 1 registrant against the incumbent, then registration is closed?

Do you know anyone who registered as a balancer? The selection committee itself... . Even in remote parts of the country of Wakanda, there are no referees taking part in matches... But at the Jepara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there are...

Another recklessness is in the information about the acceleration of closing which was announced at the time Kuntilanak operates: 00:29. Then it immediately closed one minute later at 00:30.

... your grandma's election rules dewe, po?

Well, I think there are people who will believe this election, huh? Where do you buy brains, how dare you make a rough strategy like that... not necessarily tuku, Ben Waninan.

If the process of selecting the chairman is so chaotic... how can we businessmen trust KADIN? It's not just individuals within whose credibility there are doubts about, but the effect could affect the Chamber of Commerce itself, especially the Jepara Chamber of Commerce and the Central Java Chamber of Commerce.

What's wrong, that there's so much shame in doing something reckless? What's behind this? What's covered?

How come my nose smells a bad smell... I hope it's because there's a lot of noses, so I smell it wrong... it's not the bad smell of politics ahead of the regional elections.

How about Himki Jepara, Raya Apindo Jepara, and BPC HIPMI Jepara.

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