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Jepara Teak Wood Flooring Parquet Tile

 Selling Jepara Teak Flooring Parquet Flooring Cheap Prices Various motifs and sizes made from good quality solid teak wood. Wooden flooring products that are everyone's dream for their home floor furniture. Parquet flooring is a choice of floor finishing designs, while there are various types of parquet for floors. Parquet flooring is synonymous with luxury and the rich. Classic parquet floors are indeed the prima donna of luxury wooden floors in stately homes.

The choice of wood flooring is usually determined by the type of wood material used to make parquet. Usually the wood materials used are teak parquet, bengkirai parquet, merbau parquet and ironwood parquet. We, Indonesia furniture, can make it from whatever wood you want.

We recommend wood floors using teak wood. The first advantage of teak parquet is its strength, in terms of strength, teak wood is very good, so it is very good for floor coverings because it is not easily porous and eaten by termites. Durability, in terms of durability, teak wood is also at a very good level and is one of the types of wood with the best level of durability.

Hardness, in terms of strength, teak wood is also a type of wood that has a fairly good level of hardness so it is not easily curved and conical. Style, according to several sources and surveys of wood processing people, teak wood is indeed widely chosen because it has a really beautiful style.

Teak wood also has a lubricating oil that can protect teak wood from termite attack and the growth of fungi. In this teak parquet product promo, we sell it at the lowest price, but the price listed does not include installation costs.

Even so, we will provide tips and suggestions for installing teak wood floors that you or your builder can do. What needs to be considered in preparing for the installation of wooden floors in general is that for types of wood floors with a width of 5cm-6cm, they can be installed directly on the smooth coating, provided that the smooth coating is not wavy, the coating age is at least 10 days, it is not recommended to install it for basement areas, due to the humidity factor. tall one.

The wooden floor product that will be installed by MC should not exceed 18%, preferably before installation, the wooden floor to be installed is placed in the installation area for 2-3 days to adjust to the humidity conditions of the room.

For wood flooring types (width between 7cm – 12cm) installation for areas with high humidity is recommended to use an underlay (underlying material can be polyfoam, multiplex or kalsi board). For this type of laminated wood floor or engineer, the foundation preparation can only be plastered, provided the foundation is not wavy.

What needs to be considered during installation, the wooden floor that is directly adjacent to the wall must be spaced 1cm – 1.5 cm to prevent shrinkage from expansion. so that when the wooden floor expands there is still room for movement so that it does not expand in the middle of the room. Teak parquet or teak flooring products have natural salak colors which are calm and contain natural classic elements guaranteed to calm and make your home atmosphere more comfortable.

The price of teak parquet for teak wood floors is very economical but does not reduce its quality. The manufacturing process is carried out by professional Jepara furniture craftsmen so that the results are guaranteed to be good. Therefore, we highly recommend you to buy at our place right now.

In its manufacture, the product materials we use to make Jepara Teak Flooring Parquet Flooring Cheap Prices Various motifs and sizes are:

  1. In making this furniture we use selected solid teak wood as the main material of the highest quality. You can also order with other wood materials if you prefer a different wood.
  2. For finishing we use natural spray paint finishing with an oven system in the warehouse so that the results are maximum, shiny and long lasting.
  3. To get cheap and quality prices, please call the number we have provided. Prices do not include postage, for postage according to the location of the buyer's address.

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