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Recovery of 10 arm chairs belonging to the Fundación Abadía del Sacromonte

 The work done on a set of 10 armchairs owned by the Fundación Abada del Sacromonte by the students of Recovery and maintenance of antique furniture is completed.

The items arrived to the School on May 28 and will return to the Abbey this week following an intervention, mostly reupholstering.

The School of Training in Crafts, Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historical and Cultural Heritage "Centro Albayzn," which is a part of the network of Vocational Training Schools for Employment of the Andalusian Employment Service, has developed an experimental training program called "Recovery and Maintenance of Antique Furniture." This 720-hour course focuses on the conservation and recovery of special items from Granada institutions, like the Abbey, using age-old treatment methods, and permits the recovery of a portion of the creative legacy.

https:// crnandalucia. com/

They will learn about the history of furniture, dissection techniques, structural consolidation of wood, decorative techniques like inlay or marquetry, and application methods for conventional finishes like shellac, oils, or waxes during this specialized course. By highlighting the module that enables intervention on ancient furniture upholstery and identifying the kind of upholstery, the upholstery may be repaired using the same process as the original upholstery after being disassembled and examined.

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