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Open Day to learn about the CRN Production, Carpentry and Furniture

The European Days of Crafts are being observed this week, and the CRN Producción, Carpintera y Mueble is celebrating with a few days of open doors. a project that the Encinas Reales Wood School - CRN Production, Carpentry and Furniture takes part in every year.

You may check out the facilities and learn more about the events happening at this center up to this coming Friday, March 31. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., there will be demonstrations, seminars for different groups of Encinas Reales school children, and open doors to learn about the CRN.


The School of Industrial Organization (EOI), a public foundation and Spain's first business school, along with its section for the promotion of crafts, Fundesarte, and Craft and Art, Organization of Artisans from Spain, are behind the project known as the European Days of Crafts.

Free events will be offered for a week to introduce tourists and interested individuals of all ages to the world of handmade creation. Events including fairs, open houses at workshops, hands-on activities for kids, and exhibitions. Seven days dedicated to crafts with the goal of exposing the public to the techniques used by luthiers, cabinetmakers, jewelers, potters, lace makers, blacksmiths, weavers, and all other types of artisan trades in order to share their immense riches and originality.

For this, the School of Wood will provide demonstrations of its ancient skills such capitoné through the "buttoning" workshop, as well as items manufactured in CNC that lend the value of modern technology to crafts.

Additionally, two groups of students from the Nuestra Seora de la Expectación Public School in Encinas Reales will participate in a workshop called "Recycle, Cultivate and Create" with the goal of becoming the designers of a display with wooden slats where children can plant seeds in pots and watch their own plants grow in order to demonstrate crafts and the advantages of using wood as a material to the younger children.

During the process is carried out:

  • Explanation of the technique, materials used, sample examples.
  • Preparation of material and work station.
  • Analysis and design of the composition.
  • Manufacture of parts for assembly.
  • Decoration and waxing of pieces for its composition.
  • Assembly and gluing and finishing of the piece.

Exhibitor model that they will carry out in the “Recycle, cultivate and create” workshop.

Likewise, at the School's headquarters in Villa del Río, several workshops will be held in addition to the demonstrations, one of them to learn the quilted upholstery technique and another to learn how to make an earring organizer with wood.

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