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Jepara Indonesia Wooden Furniture Manufacturer in Teak and Mahogany

Our furniture products are any kinds of Indonesia and Jepara Style Furniture made from teak and mahogany wood: antique furniture, classic furniture, colonial furniture, rustic furniture, reproduction furniture and modern furniture. We make not only indoor and home furniture, but also garden and patio furniture. 

We make mahogany antique reproduction furniture and teak rustic colonial furniture products in Armoire, Bed, Bed room set, Bed side, Bookcase, cabinet, Chaise Lounge, Chest, Children Furniture, Chippendale Chair, Coffee Table, Console & Dressing Table, Desk & Writing Table, Dining Chair, Dining Table, Director Chair, Fire Place Hall Stand, Mirror, Plant stands, Sideboard, Single Chair, Small table, Stool, TV Cabinet, and miscellaneous. While our teak garden furniture products vary from chair, bench, table and decorative garden items.

Our products ranges are classified in Mahogany Antique Reproduction Furniture, Mahogany Italian Style Furniture, Teak Garden Furniture, Teak Colonial Furniture, Teak Rustic Furniture, Teak Jepara Furniture, Teak Burning Painted Furniture. Our main material is teak wood and mahogany wood. Besides, we also use a very unique wood coming from a silent island but legally sourced, named Maxi wood to make our  Maxi Wood Furniture collection

You are kindly invited to have such a beneficial partnership with us for the following prime advantages we can provide : 

  • best quality furniture products coming from strict control on every steps of production,
  • competitive and affordable prices among others,
  • only kiln-dried mahogany and teak wood used for main material, 
  • all timber are coming from legal plantation,
  • best service provided by our professional staff,
  • skilled employees and best craftmanship for luxurious products,
  • continuous developing new designs, and
  • custom-made order is respectively accepted

The characteristics of a good quality mahogany

Mahogany is one type of alternative timber used by the public or industry-furniture industry to deal with the high price of teak ,mahogany is a fine fibrous, so it will be good enough if it is used to make furniture or other wood products. In addition, the mahogany is also easily processed such as cut, planed, shaped and sanded. 

But, it all if rated or reviewed in outline. There are ways that you can use to minimize the occurrence of it all, and also to extend the service life of mahogany or products made ​​of mahogany course. How it is to use mahogany really old when making furniture or a variety of other wood-based products, because the old wooden sure quality is very good and certainly more robust and durable as well. Here are the characteristics of the old mahogany and good quality too, of course: But, about the level of strength and durability, in general, the quality of mahogany wood is classified as moderate or below the quality of teak wood. Wood is vulnerable to termites or wood destroying insect. Especially in the sapwood (read sense sapwood wood ) are vulnerable once attacked by termites and powder out. In addition, the mahogany is also less resistant to the effects of weather and soil, so this wood should not be used to make outdoor products that placement in direct contact with soil and weather such as heat and rain.
First: take a look at the color of the wood permuakaan. Choose a timber that is red (actually red). For wood that is young, usually pink or red color is pale, you should avoid this because wood colored susceptible to termites and out powder (use less durable and less powerful). 

Second: Note the size of the width of the timber. Good mahogany is the width, here you should select mahogany with a minimum width of 35 cm or if possible choose a timber that is wider than it’s size. 

Third: pay attention to the density of the fibers and pores of the wood, the more solid means the better. Therefore, fibers and pores of the solid will make the wood becomes harder, and not easily separated when screwed and nailed, besides the hard wood is more resistant to termite attack. Avoid wood that is soft or bright red nggabus though, because wood is thus very easily weathered. 

Fourth: Avoid wood that has a lot of sapwood. Pig on mahogany very durable. Unlike the pig on teak wood which is still relatively strong, the pig on mahogany very easily attacked by termites or powder although preserved with wood preservative solution results will not be too significant. So you should select wood that will be minimal sapwood, or if possible, choose a timber that is no sapwood. 

By using mahogany with such criteria (mahogany really old), goods dihasikan will be more durable than the stuff that uses mahogany in general.

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