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5 Best Post Cap Designs you Need to Consider

We are excited to decorate our home from start to end and want to get praise from our friends and family that they admire our choice and the hard work we have done on its decoration. Stairs and fencing of the garden or lawn are also part of our home and we surely want to decorate them sophisticatedly.

For this purpose, you can add oak newel post caps to bring an aesthetic look to your modern pig ears handrails. The modern pigs ear handrail are slender and look delicate as well but they are simple enough and we need to add a talent of art to design them. For this purpose, we use different types of post caps made of different materials having different colors.

5 best post cap designs you need to consider

So, when thinking about designing the modern pigs ear handrail of your home stairs or the fencing of the garden having 32mm oak handrails, you should consider the following simple but elegant designs.

1. Ball oak newel post caps

The best design that we have been observing for decades and now on the modern pigs ear handrail is ball oak newel post caps. These post caps are made of a natural material of oak wood that is highly resistant to the harsh environment and easy to hold when walking around the stairs.

We usually observe these elegant pieces of wood art on the fences of parks, the passage of hotels, and many other commercial and public places as well. This design seems to belong to the vintage art group and has a great impact on the human eyes and mind.

2. Pyramid oak fence caps

You can look around online or in the traditional market for other cultural designs to add to the 32mm oak handrails. The best design to cover the 32mm oak handrail of the fences, should choose pyramid oaks fence caps.

Pyramid oak fence caps are available in single and double layers from which you can choose as per your need and desire. Another tip we want to add is to consider the type of handrails, fences, or posts before choosing the pyramid oak fences as they can look odd on some designs.

3. Plain square newel post cap

If you love simple things or you do not want to spend too much on decorating the oak post or handrail, you should grab the simple and plain square newel post caps. But keep in mind you are not compromising the quality.

4. Acorn square oak post cap

Acorn square oak post cap carries two to three designs to add a luxurious look to your staircase. These post caps have a fixer at their base that you need to fix inside the hole made in the post. Only professionals can install such types of post caps accurately.

5. Newel trim fence cap

These are the best and most modern designs of oak newel post caps that you can directly connect between the newel post and base. For adding this option you need to design the posts accordingly.


The 5 best designs of the post caps have been shared in this article to help people looking for decorating their fences, posts, or staircases.

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