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Palem Craft with Six Creative Industries in Bantul Exhibition to Germany

Bantul - The largest furniture and craft exhibition in the world, Ambiente, is being held again after a two-year absence due to the pandem1c. The exhibition was take place on 3-7 February 2023 was held in Frankfurt, Germany. Six creative industry players in Bantul also participated in the international exhibition. One of them is Palem Craft which is a company whose main product is home décor.

Dedy, the owner of Palem Craft, said that he and his team were busy preparing for his departure to Germany on Monday (30/1/2022). The strategy was installed with the hope of opening up wider market opportunities through its participation in the exhibition. "We bring the latest designs that we have to attract the attention of potential buyers," said Dedy.

Palem Craft itself focuses on producing a variety of home décor from natural materials so that they are environmentally friendly. With these advantages, Palem Craft dares to target the European market. Its three main products, namely lamps, glass and decorations, are in great demand by consumers from France, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands and other countries. Every month he is able to export 5-10 containers.

This exhibition is not the first time for him and Palem Craft. Previously, Dedy had participated in other international exhibitions in several countries such as Russia, China, America, and Japan. After returning from Germany tomorrow, Palem Craft plans to visit Saudi Arabia to take part in other exhibition activities.

The Chairperson of the Bantul KEK, Agung Wicaksono, expressed his appreciation for the achievement of Palem Craft. He said that this was proof that creative industry players in Bantul with their products were able to compete in the international market. Apart from that, this achievement further strengthens Bantul as a creative district in Indonesia and becomes Bantul's carrying capacity to become a world creative city, on the UCCN network.

Apart from Palem Craft, several other companies from Bantul who also participated in the international exhibition were Tasinda and Harmoni Jaya Kreasi. "Representatives from Indonesia at the event, approximately 20% of companies from Bantul," added Dedy.

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