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How to Build Jepara Furniture Business

Jepara is famous for its beautiful furniture, even to foreign countries. The quality of furniture products made by Jepara craftsmen in the Central Java region is not inferior to other countries' furniture products.

Indonesia itself is rich in quality wood. Wood raw materials are still abundant around Jepara. Hundreds of wooden trucks enter Jepara every day. Wooden baskets, where the wood is stored, is full of logs, even logs from Sulawesi Island.

This is the business potential that is glimpsed by Jepara furniture entrepreneurs through the Furniture Company brand. Many orders from Jakarta, which are generally young couples who have just bought a house or apartment, have not been optimally worked by craftsmen from Jepara. They average hunt for minimalist models.

Minimalist model furniture market is still quite large. Furniture entrepreneurs in the minimalist field work on this segment by creating special product designs, namely vintage, scandinavian, unionjack models. The results turned out to be satisfying for the customers.

At present, most buyers order online, either through websites, social media or international trading portals. Marketing via the internet is done to attract buyers from abroad.

Apart from websites and social media, Furniture companies also use marketplace portals, such as Alibaba and Indonetwork, for product promotion. Including, occasionally attending wooden craft exhibitions in Jakarta or International.

to be more developed, furniture companies must be more specific in describing furniture as a product from Java, especially Jepara. Its quality has been recognized worldwide.

Furniture entrepreneurs must use websites to market their furniture business. This was done to expand the production base by marketing to various regions and abroad. And increase production by cooperating with 26 craftsmen in Jepara to meet the high demand from within and outside the country.

Furniture business must commit to launching new designs every month according to the target market and consumer tastes. This uniqueness increases the selling value of the product. The biggest target market is young couples who just have a house or apartment.

Area market can be from anywhere, not only from Jakarta, but also other areas such as Banda Aceh, Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Jambi, Palembang, Lampung, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Balikpapan, which are generally fanatical furniture from Jepara.

The average consumer judges that the ownership of Jepara furniture will increase social status because it has a good taste in furniture. This is a trademark that must be maintained. Not only famous in the country, Jepara Furniture products are also well known to Europe.

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