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Top 5 Furniture and Interior Trends This Year

To welcome this new year, it seems less perfect if we do not provide the latest inspiration for you to ponder and practice this year. Our team has gathered information and predictions from several sources regarding interior trends and furiture this year. This prediction is based on conclusions from color trends, materials, and other supporting aspects. Curious?

1. Comfortable Headboard

The minimalist and simple concept we leave a little for this bedroom. The use of a headboard with a layer of foam and a comfortable fabric can be an alternative choice in 2022. Imagine when you can relax in bed and lean on the soft and comfortable headboard. Plus more security is given when you are asleep, certainly your head will not be hit by a wall or a hard wooden headboard. The selection of bright colors can also add a luxurious and pleasant impression to your room.

2. Original Crafts Furniture Handmade

When the world has turned into an all-digital and automatic, it turns out that the original touch of the hand remains an option in this year and 2020. The precision of the machine is sometimes too perfect and does not give a touch of heart and feeling for the products made. Fixed furniture is made using the expertise of local Indonesian craftsmen plus the use of local materials that are also of good quality. One of them is our #kaligrafi collection which is made using the hands and expertise of each of the craftsmen we work with.

3. Beautiful Curved Design

Get ready Curved design trends in the 1970s will return in 2022. Round chairs and tables will be back on the market and will become dominant to bring beautiful and elegant nuances. Maybe sometimes the use of box-shaped furniture will be easier to use in setting the layout of the room in the house, but this box model will also carry the impression of a little stiff if not supported by a combination of decorations that support. Therefore, a round or curved chair or sofa can be the answer so that your house continues to follow this year's furniture trend.

4. Artful Decorations - Wall Art Deco

Start decorating the walls of your house with photos, art deco, or maybe a collection of paintings and drawings that you collect from magazines or posters. The use and selection of wall colors also affect the art deco that you will use. Try using a combination of pop and pastel colors on the wall, then add wall decorations such as photo frames with basic colors or minimalist paintings with white. Or if you prefer to use wall decorations that are related to crafts, use white or warmer colors on the wall and use a collection of artwork vivere such as batik stamps, batik collages, or other hand paintings. Let's get creative and explore the walls of your house.

5. The Combination of Natural Stone in Modern Design

It turns out that the use of natural stone in furniture in this year is still dominant, especially marble. The combination of a marble table that is thick and heavy will be interesting if combined with a smaller and lighter chair. Marble does give the impression of luxury and elegance to the dining room, but refers to the trend of handicraft (see no. 2) which is also dominant this year, the use of rattan chairs is the right choice. Still looks luxurious, comfortable, and also aesthetic.

That's 5 furniture and interior trends that are predicted to be dominant in this year. Hopefully this article can help inspire you to decorate or fill your home!

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