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Murano glass mirror Barbarigo is handmade

Murano glass mirror Barbarigo is handmade. Decorated with carved floral motifs, opaque glass gold, black and gold leaf 24 kts crystal clear in Murano glass decorations.

Antique mirror glass, Barbarigo. Name of unique and antique Murano glass for mirrors. Why?

To Murano glass frame I picked the name  "Patrizi antique ", the name of the Venetian nobility, one is the name of Barbarigo. There is always the shadow of mystery behind a masterpiece made by the experience of centuries of tradition, and that, that is the appeal.

The family Barbarigo originating from the region of Istrian (according to traditions, their ancestral place is Muggia, near Trieste). Also, according to the Family legend, in the year 880 AD, Arrigo won a battle against the Saracens and pirates home victory with beard ("barba " Italy) from enemies defeated, so it comes from the family name-Barbarigo-and the coat of arms, representing six of the beards.

The family remained the part of patricians of Venice after Scutellaria Serrata del Maggior Consiglio in 1297. Two members of the family become a dogi Venice. The first, Marco, to rule the Republic in 1485-1486 and was the first Doge to be crowned at the giant staircase Palazzo Ducale. His reign was very short due to the fatal fight that he got during the meetings of the Senate with his brother and successor, Agostino. Agostino Barbarigo ruled from 1486 until 1501, period in which Catherine Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, donated her Kingdom to Venice. It was he who introduced the custom of kissing the hands of the Doge's.

Barbarigo Venice's most influential between family and has produced a Bishop, Cardinal and Patriarch, including Gregorio Barbarigo, who was born at the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto in 1625.

Barbarigo was founded in 955 the first Church of Santa Maria del Giglio, known as Santa Maria Zobenigo at that time. This is history. Today living in the buildings, tradition and the souls of Venice. This is to remind the history and while it gave Venice's stunning creations.

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