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Jepara Trade and Tourism Center Has Been Deserted

Jepara - The Jepara Trade and Tourism Center (JJTC) is only an office space for several trade and craft associations or associations in Jepara. Also the condition of the building is damaged at several points. This makes the condition of JTTC unrepresentative. Because of this, JTTC is not an option as an information center for the international exhibition Jepara International Furniture Buyer Week (JIFBW) next month.

The building was built in 2017. The cost spent at that time was around Rp. 3.5 billion. However, from time to time, the situation grew dismal. The condition is quiet and empty of visitors. Allegedly, the closed and hidden location makes the building rarely visited.

The building is located on Jalan Raya Renggaan, Pecangaan. The building is surrounded by a fence with a height of about 1.5 meters. The gate wasn't exactly in the middle of the courtyard. But in the right and left corners of the page. Thus, the main building is not visible from the outside because it is covered by trees. From yesterday's field monitoring, the entrance gate to the JTTC building happened to be locked. There was nobody in the building.

The yard is wide. In that yard, stood about 10 shady trees. The leaves are falling on the lawn. Makes the building look uninhabited. Some weeds around the building thrive. In addition, from the front there is no sign explaining what the building is and what the building is for.

In fact, the building was conceptualized as a showroom for the production of wood crafts by the Jepara people. in the middle of the building there are several wooden ornaments made by the community on display. “JIFBW is the same as a city fair. Until now the central has not been decided. JTTC is not an option because its conditions are less representative," explained the Head of the Trade and Industry Office of the Jepara Regency, Iskandar Zulkarnain.

The option chosen as the international exhibition information center is planned to be in the city center. “It could be in the pavilion, or the Shima building. The plan is to hold a meeting on Tuesday (14/2)," said Iskandar yesterday.

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