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Small Bedroom: 7 Practical Solutions

The small size of the room is not a reason to give up comfort. Of course, you will have to make a little effort to make it functional and beautiful. But if you think creatively, using every square centimeter wisely, and sometimes resorting to different tricks that visually increase the space, creating a stylish, practical and comfortable interior is not so difficult. Seven of our decorative solutions will help you in this matter.

1. Alternative storage

In any small bedroom, the storage problem is especially relevant, and here any free surface should be used to the maximum. Hooks on the walls, shelves and shelves, a compact hanger - all this is welcome in small rooms. A practical solution is a decorative staircase: it takes up a minimum of space on the floor and at the same time uses the ceiling height to the maximum, can serve as a clothes hanger and as a wonderful decoration of your interior. The black staircase will look good in a bright room, acting as a graphic accent. It can be supplemented with hooks and hanging containers for storing small items.

A hanging bar with hangers for clothes can also be a good option for a small room, and a beautiful home dressing gown can simply be hung on the door and it will become a stylish decoration of your interior.

2. Grayscale

Light shades create the illusion of air and space, even if the room itself is not too big. But do not despair if you are not a big fan of white: with the same success you can use light gray shades. The main thing is to choose matte paints that better reflect daylight. Complete the interior with gray details and slight color accents - and you will get a spectacular bedroom where you will have a good time and relax.

3. Additional storage

In a small bedroom, there can always be a place for a spacious wardrobe. But even if you have a wardrobe, additional storage space will never hurt. Therefore, be sure to use the space under the bed, equipping a berth on the podium or using a frame with drawers.

4. Zoning

In apartments with one large room, the bedroom is often combined with the living room. But there are a few tricks that will help to zoning the space and create an isolated bedroom, without resorting to major redevelopment. The best alternative to walls is a glass partition that is easy to install and allows light to pass through. To create an intimate atmosphere in the room, you can hang the curtains from the ceiling to the floor and pull them if necessary, completely fencing off from the rest of the world.

5. Multifunctional furniture

A foldaway sofa bed can be a good alternative to a regular bed in a small room. But from a regular bed you can make a kind of sofa, if you just put it with the long side against the wall and decorate with beautiful decorative pillows (they will serve as the back). Of course, this option is better suited for a narrow single bed, but is the option with a double not so bad?

6. Rack

Zoning the space is possible without the help of partitions. It is enough, for example, to install a high rack: it will create a clear border between the bedroom and the rest of the space, but at the same time it will let in light and will not “burden” the interior.

7. Mirrors

Good old trick, visually increasing the space - mirrors. The game of reflections makes any small room bigger. In addition, mirror glass reflects daylight and makes the room brighter. To achieve a greater effect, place the mirror opposite the window.

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