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How to Prepare an Old Apartment For Rent

Designer Olga Luis talks about how to quickly and efficiently transform an old apartment in order to rent it out profitably and receive thanks from new residents.

“The main value of real estate is, of course, location. But the layout, decoration and freshness of the premises also affect the result, ”says Olga Luis, founder of United Décor, designer and decorator. With the help of her simple tips and advice, you can refresh the interior, increase demand and value, and at the same time do not repel investments for the next couple of years. All information is checked on their own experience!


Take out from the rented apartment all the treasures that are dear to the grandmother of your great-grandmother and did not fit in the country. If the hand does not rise to throw out, sell or include in payment 1,5-2 thousand rubles for the rented cell of the storage warehouse. Otherwise, during the initial viewing of the apartment, it seems that in the absence of tenants, someone might visit a book from their library.

Or even worse, grandmother, having left for the summer cottage, doesn’t know at all that her apartment is being rented out. By the way, do not forget about the dust in these cabinets. The same applies to painted walls throughout the wall with utensils, and other furniture from the master's shoulder. The future tenant is not visiting and has the right to create his own comfort. If you want to rent an apartment for a long time, remember: any tenant will prefer a minimum of furniture, air.


The most important place in the apartment is the bathrooms! Shifting tiles is much more expensive than gluing wallpaper or cleaning carpets, but the bathroom should look clean and fresh. What can be done: leave the old tile, but update the grout (generally I advise you to do this every two years); renew bathroom coverage; repaint or drag the ceilings (now there are a lot of inexpensive matte coatings). This, incidentally, is not so expensive.

Avoid stitching the entire bathroom in plastic panels or sheeting. This immediately strikes the visual image and value of the apartment, even if it is located in the historical center and attracts a special category of applicants. You, too, count on intelligent, wealthy and tidy residents? Whenever possible, stick to plain and light surfaces. If it’s hard to decide, take white, you won’t be mistaken. I understand that my hands are itching to depict ficus on the entire wall, which the family did not allow to do at home, but fasten yourself. Oddly enough, the most ordinary WHITE tile, brought not quite to the ceiling, looks the most expensive (for a toilet, a sink zone it is 1.2 m high or 2.3 meters high around the perimeter of the room, including the shower). Such tiles, by the way, are found at low prices. This technique allows you to visually add air, increase the volume of the room and the height of the ceilings.


Before each new change, if there is a curtain in the bathroom, a mat, we change them for new, fresh ones.


The fact that it is better to rent apartments without furniture than with naphthalene (oh, rarity), I already wrote. Now I would like to say about the walls. The best option is the simplest smooth wallpaper for painting, painted in a cold (usually blue) light tone. In our climate with its polar sun, cold shades look more natural, deeper. This will make it possible to update-refresh the premises at no particular cost after each tenant. By the way, in Europe there is a very useful rule when renting apartments. The contract initially introduces that people entering can do anything with the walls, but moving out, they undertake to paint them back - as they were.


As for the floors - it's more complicated. If the apartment has parquet, it can be painted or varnished, then renewed once a year or after each tenant. Just do not paint the floor black, it shows dust and scratches. Laminate flooring avoids updates. When choosing artificial coatings, give preference to discreet natural ornaments - like wood or stone. Avoid fanciful imitations of onyx or ebony. No one will believe. You can lay out the entire apartment with wood-like tiles - this is eternal and looks an order of magnitude more aesthetic than linoleum.


The practice of moving and working on projects has shown that, along with the bathrooms, the priority when choosing an apartment is the kitchen and kitchen. Now a large number of fairly budget manufacturers offer kitchens with plain matte facades. As practice shows, they hide their real value an order of magnitude longer than their glossy counterparts and are an amazing backdrop to culinary masterpieces. The same rule applies to interior doors.


About paintings: one way to adapt a rented apartment for yourself is to hang out a personal collection of paintings, mirrors, photos. Each host worries about hooks, holes in the walls and stripped wallpaper. One solution is to put up posters or empty frames on the walls themselves. Then the residents will change the image without additional damage to the surfaces. In this case, it is better to choose large formats, black frames, as they look the same aesthetically pleasing, regardless of the style of the interior. Another solution that helps us out when photographing ready-made interiors is a safely removable adhesive tape and an offer to help with hanging for your own peace of mind.

The best way to ensure that future residents can immediately imagine their cozy evenings in your apartment is to add plain textiles imitating natural fabrics to the windows and add one or two pillows to the upholstered furniture (if any). If before that I called for confining myself to calm neutral shades, then textile is just that aspect where one can show imagination. Just stick to the “three colors” rule. In a universal interior, it works no worse than in clothes. If you complicate the task, then to the main color (walls, floors) you can add a second color with large strokes (carpet, curtains, bedspreads), and give the third color with small flashes on posters, pillows and vases on the table.


For successful completion, it is best to make a neutral background throughout the apartment. Future inhabitants will fill it with their life, history and aesthetics. For the duration of the contract, the apartment becomes their HOUSE. It costs you nothing, but people are pleased!


And bonus advice! Photos for an advertisement for an apartment must be taken in daylight, with curtains open and artificial light sources turned off. Do not forget to clean small objects laid out everywhere, they will defocus attention. Believe me: such shots will quickly give you an apartment in good hands!

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