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Crafts and Furniture Design Trends This Year

The trend in 2023 for craft and furniture design is predicted to change so extreme, especially the determination of colors from soft to bright colors, while for the design trends, more towards Vintage and Retro styles back to the nature.

The artists and craft designers already understand by heart, that every year, furniture & craft product design trends always change or change like the season or the change of years, the new will replace the old.

Experts design the world's furniture & craft product models revealed, in the world's leading design magazines about furniture & craft product design trends in 2023. They explained in detail about these changes, ranging from color trends.

In 2022, muted colors dominated furniture & craft products. Now in 2023, extreme bright colors dominate. Ultra violet, touted as the color of the year. Although some other bright colors like yolk, salted egg blue, lime green, almond chocolate, ground brown, metallic, gemistine and gold are the choices to get a fresh look for those who want to redecorate your home, office, hotel, café or other places.

Associated with changes in interior design that will also affect furniture & craft trends that are common people say "change the look do not let the style lag behind style".

For design, 2023 is the year back to 1950. Leaving the minimalist trend loved in 2017-2018, everlasting designs such as vintage (ancient style) and retro are back in trend.

This theme is matching with world trends, namely back to nature. In the modern rustic concept, it contains a minimalist element that represents 'modern', and a rustic element which means something that is high craft which originally was traditional, was appointed as a new look. Typical of this type of design is dominated by velvet or suede (leather) as a sofa upholstery, complete with a large size and accent curve.

Whereas furniture made from wood what about the color? It is certain that the dominance of pale and neutral colors in 2022 will fade earlier. Instead, in 2023 this trend leads to a glamorous retro design. Furniture with dark metal accessories has been seen in modern design and show room furniture & craft magazines.

So if you want to renovate the house and everything in it, change the interior design and replace furniture & craft by following the vintage and retro trends, with back to the nature does not mean that enough for a low cost can actually drain the bag.

Because, if previously furniture and craft optimize function at the expense of style, this year, the market is predicted to be infatuated with furniture that is uniquely designed and also super luxurious alias glamorous, but does not exploit the function.

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