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Using Technology to Engage Local Jepara Craftsmen

Welcome to Indonesia Furniture, the workshop of Jepara artisans. Based in Jepara, Indonesia, we are a local furniture maker and exporter.

Furniture was largely created for home usage during the period. Due to a lack of technology in Indonesia, we encountered difficulties or limitations in exporting. We used to help consumers with bespoke furniture locally depending on their requests and preferences. We were fortunate in that we were able to expand our business as the primary provider for local market demand in Indonesia.

We formed a relationship with an architect and an interior designer to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops in different locations around Indonesia. Our firm developed steadily, but we were hampered by a lack of technological participation. Both the production process and the marketing campaign relied solely on the manual approach. Following my father's death in 2008, I began taking over his business by rebranding our firm. When I consider our prior issue, I realize that technology is not an impediment but a challenge in the furniture sector.

In this digital age, I see a great chance to rebrand our organization. Digital technology may help with business development, notably marketing. I utilize online tools such as a website as my major marketing medium and social media sites for easy communication.

Our furniture business now concentrates on teak and sungkai wood production with a variety of finishing methods. Both teak and sungkai wood are prominent materials in Indonesian furniture, particularly indoor furniture, and are often employed by Jepara craftsmen and carpenters. Because we are devoted to operating lawfully in the Indonesian furniture sector, our timber material resources are directly approved by PERHUTANI (Indonesia Forest Ministry). To reduce dangers, all materials are treated in a kiln dry technique to preserve lower humidity. Furthermore, we are concerned about natural sustainability by picking responsible suppliers.

Certainly, I believe that high-quality materials combined with competent carpenters and designers may result in good furniture. As an entrepreneur, I work with skilled carpenters and designers to create world-class furniture that is backed by technology.

Passion and imagination are necessary while dealing with the globalized period. Our ambition is to become the premier provider of indoor furnishings in Jepara. As part of a collaborative effort, I, together with local Jepara carpenters and a professional designer, passionately constantly updating and conducting research on what's popular among the people. From marketing to production management, we work together to establish a strong team. As part of marketing management, we deliver responsive customer excellence in order to make purchases more convenient for customers.

We understand that our clients come from various cities other than Jepara, and that they may be unable to visit our facility in Jepara. We might help them over the phone or through internet chatting tools. Internet marketing is the key to business development in this digital age. Through our website, we present our brand to the public. Our website provides comprehensive information and recommendations on our furniture goods. Hopefully, it will make it easier for people to purchase.

In production management, we assure quality control in all aspects, such as high-quality materials and professional design, to match the needs or preferences of our customers. Our artisan work in Jepara is simply tidy and smooth in finishing, while our designer is really creative and understands the newest trend or client demand. We anticipate high-quality, customizable, well-designed furniture at a reasonable price. We hope that everyone enjoys our furniture, therefore we don't limit ourselves by merely manufacturing high-end furniture. We also offer nice furnishings at a cheap price. Customers might first browse our internet catalogue before making a purchase.

Digital technology is unquestionably beneficial to global business progress. Internet marketing is a quick way to export and reach a worldwide market. Our furniture items are presently very essential in the worldwide market. We shipped to five nations for the first worldwide project. Our products are currently known in ASEAN. Furthermore, we begin to focus on the European market as our primary aim. Although we do not directly export our furniture to Europe, we do collaborate with various European corporations headquartered in Jepara.

We anticipate that this consolidation will pave the way for additional expansion into the European market as various European nations become aware of our furniture items. To match the worldwide standard, we are devoted to manufacturing world-class quality furniture and staying up to current on the newest trends. Hopefully, our furniture will continue to be the principal export item, and local Jepara artisans will be better recognized in Indonesia and internationally.

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