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The United States Furniture Market is the destination of Indonesian Furniture Exports

The United States trade war with China has a positive impact on the furniture industry in Indonesia. The Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI) Solo Raya said that previously there were many consumers in the USA who took furniture products from China, but after the war a lot of people ended up making purchases from Indonesia.

The toughest competitor of the Indonesian Furniture Industry today is from Vietnamese furniture product manufacturers. Reportedly, Vietnam's furniture industry is better prepared than Indonesian furniture.

Meanwhile, despite efforts to improve export performance, HIMKI and the furniture association in Indonesia are expected to continue to pay attention to domestic furniture needs to anticipate the flood of foreign products.

Because of the fact that the domestic furniture market has a high potential so it needs to be balanced to meet the needs of furniture in the country and abroad.

Furniture exports in 2019 are predicted to grow in the range of 10% to 15%. The market demand of the United States is increasing due to trade wars. This was also known by the Chairperson of the Indonesia Furniture Promotion Forum (IFPF), Erie Sasmito. In addition, Indonesian furniture products are not taxed due to the generalized system of preference (GSP) policy from the United States.

Erie said that the economy of the United States is quite strong, so Actors in the Indonesian furniture industry must be optimistic that they can export to the United States. However, the furniture export market in Europe experienced a slight decline this year.

However, China is now the largest furniture market in the world. defeat America and the European Union. However, to penetrate the Furniture market in China is not easy. This is because China has large furniture manufacturers.

To be able to enter China and other countries, it is expected that Indonesia does not export Furniture raw materials. Like Teak or Mahony, Rattan and other raw materials. Indonesia must export finished goods. So that it can compete in the global market.

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