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Outdoor Patio Furniture Goes Indoors

It would be natural to infer that the significant increase in Patio Furniture sales was due to the hot new trend of creating "Outdoor Rooms," which was popularized on famous Home and Garden TV shows and in Outdoor Decor Magazines. However, there is another, less obvious answer. Patio furniture like as the Garden Bench, Porch Rocker, Athena Adirondack Chair, Classic Adirondack Chair, Adirondack Love-seat, and Picnic Table are increasingly being modified for usage indoors, especially in Cottages and Cabins.

The Garden Bench is perhaps the most flexible indoor/outdoor furniture. The Garden Bench has long been modified for use beside the hat and coat rack in cottage entranceways. Recently, there has been a trend for dressing up Garden Benches for usage in Cottage sitting rooms with painting and stenciling techniques, as well as the addition of designer cushions.

Porch Rockers are also utilized inside Cabins and Cottages. Many customers stain or paint their Rockers, however many designers prefer leaving them unpainted for an inside rustic effect as the Cedar wood matures naturally.

The utilization of Athena Adirondack Chairs, traditional Adirondack Chairs, and Adirondack Love seats indoors is perhaps the most startling new trend. Many designers are employing these Cedar Patio Furniture pieces to create sitting rooms in cottages and cabins by adding pillows and occasionally upholstering the chairs with cushions and exotic textiles.

Finally, the Cedar Picnic Table is the most recent item of Outdoor Furniture to make its way within. People are increasingly employing the Oval Picnic Table option or the Round Picnic Table set indoors in rural kitchens and cottage breakfast nooks.

Patio Furniture may be utilized indoors in unexpected ways with few modifications (and occasionally none at all). One thing is certain: whether you use your Cedar Patio Furniture indoors or outside, you are only limited by your creativity.

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