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Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers Face the Global Crisis in 6 Ways

Next year will most likely be the most difficult for Indonesian furniture producers. Because Indonesia is a major player in the furniture business, the worldwide pandemic has a considerable influence on exporters. As a result of the effects, most Indonesian furniture makers face significant commercial challenges.

Furthermore, this worldwide epidemic affects not only business owners but also employees. According to data, this industry employs roughly 2.1 million Indonesians. Certainly, the majority of the artisans have financial difficulties. This unavoidable circumstance reduces furniture export activities.

Fortunately, the year 2022 begins to provide fresh optimism. The new adaption opens the door to export business. The majority of imports are from the United States and European nations such as England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.

1. Indoor Furniture Highlighting: Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers Strategy

People must remain at home because of the pandemic. It's kind of dull for individuals who are used to a morning rush or a frazzle dazzle at the office. People attempt to engage in a variety of enjoyable hobbies such as working exercise, cooking, gardening, and house decorating. Furthermore, we notice a lot of sales during this epidemic.

Most Indonesian furniture makers perceive an opportunity due to rising consumer consumption. Pushing indoor furniture might be a commercial option. People begin to purchase new furniture, particularly indoor furniture, in order to remodel their homes. Home décor is a great hobby to conduct during a pandemic to offer comfort and a cheerful vibe. It also serves as a form of stress alleviation.

Buying now is far more convenient. The majority of Indonesian furniture makers presently use the internet platform to drive sales. E-commerce or social media platforms just make online buying more convenient. This fact demonstrates that, despite the decreased export rate during the pandemic, there is still hope for the furniture business. Certainly, focusing on the local market is still vital.

2. Teakwood: The Material of Choice for Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

Choosing the correct materials is at the heart of high-quality furniture. Teak wood, sungkai wood, mahogany, and rattan are popular materials. Each has unique features, including strengths and weaknesses. Teak wood is the most often used material among Indonesian furniture producers. Because of its exceptional quality, they favor teak wood over other materials. Although it is quite expensive, it is well worth the money. Teak furniture is said to be durable and robust.

Teak wood is also relatively termite and weather resistant. Teak wood is constantly popular due to its properties, especially for indoor furniture. If we emphasize durability, teak wood cannot be so expensive. We don't need to buy new furniture only to replace the old one. In terms of durability, definitely save the cash. As a result, teak wood has become the primary material and commodity for both the domestic and international markets.

3. Beautify Your Living Room with the Right Indoor Furniture

What a fun time it is to renovate our own living room amid a pandemic. Why should we hire an interior designer when we can do it ourselves? First, decide on a general concept for your living area.

The mid-century modern style is still popular today. The simplicity and distinctiveness of mid-century contemporary furniture are its distinguishing features. Teak wood furniture dominates the theme once again. Many Indonesian furniture manufacturers continue to produce mid-century modern furniture because of its ageless look. The most common is the wooden lounge chair. Recently, wooden lounge chairs have been seen in cafes and private living rooms. It's absolutely soothing and peaceful.

Teak wood, sungkai wood, or a mix of teak and paper string are the most frequent materials used by Indonesian furniture producers. They make teak furniture for people who want high-quality, sturdy, and long-lasting furniture. For people who prefer more cheap furniture, they also make sungkai furniture.

Although sungkai wood is less durable than teak wood, it is nonetheless visually appealing in vivid colors. The wooden retro cabinet is an emblem of mid-century modern furniture, and Indonesian furniture producers continue to make them. It only serves two purposes: practicality and aesthetics. It gives the living area a trendy and spectacular appearance. If individuals are unsure how to fill the vacant space in their living room, this is a wonderful suggestion. Decorate it with photo frames, a flower arrangement, a miniature, or even a television.

Teak wood is a preferable choice for a wooden cabinet with a natural finish. Natural finishing emphasizes the clean and contemporary appearance. The present furniture style is dominated by this finishing. Teak wood is termite and fungus resistant, in addition to being a high-quality material. Given the high humidity and heat levels in Indonesia, teak wood furniture is ideal for indoor use. If we retain some items within the cabinet, the fungal attack is reduced. For a less expensive cabinet, we may choose mahogany or sungkai wood.

4. Adding Mid-Century Modern Furniture to the Dining Room

Redecorating the dining room, like redecorating the living room, is a therapeutic practice during a pandemic. Nowadays, Indonesian furniture makers are heavily influenced by mid-century modern design while creating indoor furniture. Every workplace has mid-century contemporary furnishings for the dining room. Dev table set has recently been everyone's preference, especially among metropolitan dwellers. It mixes wood (particularly teak wood) and hollow steel as a holder. A dev set is often comprised of a large table with two long benches. The design is basic yet elegant, particularly with the statement lighting adornment. It creates a comfortable atmosphere in the family dining area.

In other words, the Dev table set incorporates a rustic and industrial concept into a space. Several Indonesian furniture producers have recently used reclaimed teak wood to create the Dev table set. They offer a rustic finishing touch to the furniture to make it more appealing. It is unquestionably a wonderful concept to preserve both the budget and the environment at the same time. 

The credenza is a must-have piece of mid-century contemporary furniture. Credenza is a dining room sideboard that first appeared in Italy in the 14th century. Initially, it was used to store items such as a plate, cup, silverware, and so on. People begin to consider furniture as an aesthetic need as the furniture business develops, including Indonesia. Credenzas are being produced by Indonesian furniture producers. They create a variety of styles ranging from classic to minimalist to modern.

Given its storing function, teak wood becomes the material of choice. Due of the high humidity level in Indonesia, they create teak wooden credenza to reduce fungal. Furthermore, because teak wood is termite resistant, it has a reasonably long lifespan. The teak wood credenza adds a traditional touch to the dining room. The dining room appears to be exquisite. People now want to add decorations and ornaments such as a chandelier, flower vase, or pitcher to make it more visually appealing. What a striking dining room.

5. Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers and the Home Cafe Trend

People had been following the trend of using café furnishings at home prior to the epidemic. It is more common among city dwellers. This urban trend inspires Indonesian furniture makers to design and produce a variety of indoor furniture types. This pattern is simply beneficial to certain people during a pandemic. Those who prefer to stay at home rather than go out can experience the café atmosphere. The key is in the dining room furniture you choose. An industrial-themed table and chair set is ideal for creating a warm café atmosphere.

Again, the Dev table set is most likely the most popular. It is made of wood (usually teak wood) and a hollow steel holder. Eames chairs with a basic table are also suitable. The dining area appears basic and attractive due to the modern and simple style.

If their dining area and kitchen are linked, some individuals decide to install a mini bar. Enjoying quality time with a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine is a fantastic idea. Bar chairs are essential for making it appear like a true bar. Nowadays, several Indonesian furniture makers make bar stools. The demand is generated not just by cafe owners, but also by individuals.

They employ a variety of materials such as wood, steel, metal, or a mix of these. The most popular is a bar stool made of teak wood and steel/metal. It has an industrial but cozy appearance. Certainly, the use of wood helps it appear more cozy. Furthermore, bar table selection is required. Because of its endurance and good quality, teak wood tables with natural finishes have become the most popular. Teak wood is highly suggested if you have a larger budget.

6. Trending "Bringing Home to Café"

On the other hand, the concept of bringing home to a café is always popular. The goal is straightforward, which is to provide comfort similar to that found at home. Cafés nowadays generally pamper their customers with cozy home-style seats. As a result, individuals are ready to remain longer. This café trend has influenced numerous Indonesian furniture producers to create a variety of café chair models. They experiment with design by creating one-of-a-kind statement chairs. The Heroshima Chiar, Elbow Chair, and Oval seats are ideal for the café's outside area. Those have a classic yet basic look. Furthermore, combining such with a basic circular table just produces a calm atmosphere outside.

Meanwhile, a lounge chair is an excellent choice for an inside café. It creates a quiet and warm atmosphere, much like at home. Teak wood is undeniably the most popular material for café seats. Alternatively, sungkai wood may become the standard for a lower price. Although sungkai wood is of lower quality and durability than teak wood, it is still worth considering. Furthermore, it has a brighter hue than teak wood, making it appear cleaner.

When it comes to café chairs, we can't forget about the bar stools. Recently, bar stools have come in a variety of styles. Without a doubt, Indonesian furniture makers continue to develop in the creation of fashionable furniture.

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