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Interest in being a Carpenter in Jepara has Decreased

Jepara is a city of carved furniture which is famous for its neat, strong and good work. It all can not be separated from the services of carpenters with their expertise. So that furniture products from Jepara are known nationally and internationally. Various furniture products such as tables, chairs, cupboards, beds and so on are produced from creative and agile carpenters.

This carpenter profession should not be underestimated. Because they already have special expertise that produces furniture of international quality. Before 2010, the carpenter profession was still in great demand by the youth of Jepara and even from outside Jepara. They are only willing to graduate from high school or equivalent and then immediately work as carpenters.

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In that era too, carpentry equipment was still manual. Just like it's still using "Undok", sawing is still using "graji egreg", and "mbobok" is also still using "rapeh" and so on. At that time also, everyone learns to be a carpenter must be earnest and thorough and when he is "invited" it must not be interrupted "mate". If it breaks then it is declared not yet proficient in carpentry.

But in the current era, that is, after 2010, carpentry equipment has used all machines such as jointers, saws, planners, and "bobok" all have used machines. When it has been facilitated by a machine, it actually decreases enthusiasts to become carpenters. This means that there is little interest in working as a carpenter profession. Likewise with the carver.

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Many protested the establishment of a garment factory, but over time, they also did not want to learn to be carpenters or carvers.

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Therefore the government has bridged to hold more carving majors in vocational schools and also vocational training at BLK. So it is hoped that there will be more interest in young people to learn to be carpenters or carvers. Because this work has actually become a family business tradition in Jepara that can be inherited.

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