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IFEX 2019 Show Traditional, Modern to Retro Furniture

JAKARTA - The biggest furniture exhibition in Indonesia, the International Furniture Expo (Ifex) 2019 was officially opened. This exhibition made the opportunity for the furniture industry in Indonesia to open wider.

The Chairperson of the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI) Soenoto said that to advance the Indonesian furniture industry there needs to be cooperation with other countries, such as China.

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Meanwhile, in this exhibition, not only Indonesian furniture companies joined, but also furniture companies from various countries in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

"The value of Indonesian furniture exports only reached US $ 2.5 billion. We are optimistic that the furniture industry in Indonesia can develop if local potential continues to be improved, one of which is by events such as this exhibition, "he explained at the IFEX Press Conference in Jakarta, Monday (11/3).

In this exhibition, the majority of furniture companies sell goods made from wood and rattan, which is one of the ingredients to support environmentally friendly movements. As for the colors, which are popular, are neutral colors such as white, silver, or natural wood.

The exhibition generally also offers furniture to fill homes with traditional styles such as traditional Dayak and Bali, modern, and retro that are suitable for occupying occupancy from small to large and for restaurants.

"In Indonesia, the availability of raw materials has been carried out cross-ministerial coordination such as opening the National Rattan Innovation Center [PIRnas] from the Ministry of Industry and cooperating with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry," he continued.

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The exhibition will take place from 11-14 March 2019, as a whole. HIMKI targets transactions of up to around US $ 300 billion from its own exhibitions and transactions can continue for the next six months.

In addition, this event is also filled with around 600 furniture companies, and 26 of them are from abroad.

"We have many advantages in terms of cultural wealth, environmentally friendly raw materials, craftsman expertise, unique designs, and so on. Therefore, we are optimistic that Indonesia can become an important player in the world furniture industry, "he said.

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