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Business plan of the enterprise for the production of arbolitovyh blocks

Business plan of the enterprise for the production of arbolitovyh blocks

Arbolitovy blocks in modern construction are very popular. Studies conducted on the building materials markets show that lately more and more people prefer this building material.

Arbolite block is essentially a molded mixture of cement and fillers of organic origin. Currently, for the production of such blocks using a mixture of cement and sawdust, treated with a special composition.

The percentage of cement and sawdust is approximately 15-20% to 80-85%, respectively. The physical properties of blocks of arbolita show that this material works well for compression, has a large margin of bending strength, has enhanced thermal insulation properties, shows itself well as a sound insulating material. Arbolite material can be used in the construction of low-rise buildings or used as a warming material in combination with classical materials for load-bearing structures.

The attractiveness of the idea, which provides for the manufacture of arbolitov materials, contains several important positive points.
The very essence of the production of this building material is that the raw materials that will be used in production have a relatively low cost, because Arbolite block more than 80% consists of sawdust, in other words, waste. This allows you to get low cost of production.

Another factor in the attractiveness of this business is the demand factor for arbolit blocks (wood blocks, wood bricks).
The material is very popular, environmentally friendly, an increasing number of people prefer him.

Business plan:
To implement this business project, it is necessary to purchase production equipment on the basis of calculated figures for finished product output per month. It should be noted that at the initial stages of business organization, the finished product output in the amount of 400-500 m3 of arbolit materials per month will be relevant.
A premise of 200-300 m2, which consists of the main workshop, drying department, finished goods warehouse, will be required.

Initial costs for the purchase of necessary equipment:
• Mixing equipment - 130 tons;
• Forms, for forming blocks - 100 tons;
• Drying unit - 320 tons; p;
• The machine for the preparation and grinding of chips - 160 m. R.;
• Equipment for cement supplying - 50 tons;
• Equipment for tamping - 20 tons;
• Other auxiliary equipment - 150 tons;
• Advertising costs - 50 m. P ​​.;
• As a result, the cost of equipment will amount to 980 thousand rubles.

The company works in one shift for 8 hours; its maintenance will require 5 workers, an accountant and a manager. The wage fund will be about 140 TR

Estimated monthly expenses:
• Rent 300 m2 - 100 t. Rub. ;
• Raw materials (chips, cement, aluminum sulfate, water) - 950 tr;
• Utility payments - 60 tr .;
• Salary 110 000 t.
• Taxes - 100 m. P ​​.;
• Item unforeseen and other expenses - 100 tr.
As a result, the costs are 1,420,000 rubles. per month.
It is intended to sell the entire maximum volume of production at a price of 3,500 rubles. per m3.
In this case, the amount received for the products will be 1,750,000 rubles.

Profit will be 330 000 rubles. per month.
The result can be viewed as:
• Income - 1,750,000 rubles;
• Total expenses - 1,420,000 rubles;
• Profit - 330,000 rubles.
Profitability at the same time will be about 26%.
From the above calculation it is clear that the return on investment in the organization of this business is approximately 3 months.

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