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Wood Furniture Vs metal furniture

Wood Furniture Vs metal furniture, furniture generally more use of wood raw material to the metal, because the manufacturing process is easy and not too ribet.hal is what makes wood furniture is more dominant in the field of furniture than on the other.

Wooden furniture

Furniture wood has better endurance compared to wood lainya.karena pick the properties of solids and strong, usually wooden furniture using wood that is old, because the old wood is strong and durable, so its quality is very good.

what the heck wood often used for wood furniture?

usually wooden furniture that uses wood of the type : teak, mahogany, Mindi, tamarind, sono rivet, wood mango, jackfruit wood, acacia and other wood types lain.untuk 5 first mentioned is that wood is often used, because it has been tested kwalitasnya.disamping the wood furniture also has aunique design-unique, classic and elegant .The will feel more proud to have luxurious wooden furniture from the furniture mewah.karena metal working processes are manual wooden furnitureand artful high.

Metal furniture

Furniture metal is much less demand than wood furniture metal furniture .In usually have outside view of the silver or gold that is more memorable on industrial or hi tech, while the raw materials are usually more memorable iron rustic and classic .The use of metal materials usually for bahwahan it like foot-kai table and chairs, because the metal kaku.jika character you love to usemetal furniture design avoid having a tapered shape, because it could endanger people when struck by the sharpened it. furniture metal has a fairly expensive price than furniture wood,because the process is difficult and the raw materials of the furniture metal mahal.maka not as popular with wood furniture, wood furniture demand punlebih many of the metal furniture.

Which is more durable among wooden furniture and metal furniture?

durability issues it depends on how we take care of him, untreated wood furniture will be vulnerable edible powder or eaten by termites, and metal furniture that is not maintained will be faster ahirnya rusted and broken.

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