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Wood Carving From Jepara

Indonesia is a country with a very pluralistic culture. From just a few areas there are various forms of the ideas of their ancestors which are still preserved today. one of them is wood carving, this carving art is still very much preserved and has even been modified with modern works. From the diversity of sculpture models/carving motifs from Jepara, Solo, Pajajaran, Mataram, Yogya, the motifs are most often used in wood products.

This form of wood carving can be used in the forms of joglo houses, Gebyok, Wardrobe Chairs and many other wood products that use this wood carving motif as a high value for a product from wood, furniture. To make various kinds of carved wood products, you can look directly at the place of manufacture, namely the City of Jepara, or you can contact us at email:

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