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New Bed Design Features

This month we wanted to focus on the main feature of any bedroom - the bed. Teak wood lends itself to simplicity in design and form, and some of the hottest new bed designs we have seen lend themselves perfectly to the use of teak.

New Bed Design Features

A lot of modern style beds are combining Asian & European features together to create a very new look. We are currently designing a number of new beds that combine the following Eurasian features:

A very low bed platform, halfway between normal bed height and Zen style.

A bed platform that extends out much wider than the mattress, creating extra space on one side, or both sides of the mattress.

The extra platform space is used as feature, colored differently, or used to install lights or add drawers that can be used for storage.

The headboard is finished on the front and back, allowing the bed to be placed off the wall.

Headboards are often being fitted with lighting fixtures.

The side tables are made to the same height as the platform, giving the whole bed the same uniform height all the way around.

The overall image and feeling you get with these beds is one of subdued modern elegance. The beds are very cool and accentuate a modern style and finishing to a house perfectly.

A New Focus on Beds

These beds are shifting the focus in the bedroom not only back to the bed, but away from the mattress and bedding covers to the bed itself. Too often the most beautiful of beds have been missing underneath piles of quilts, pillows and cushions. The colors of the cushions have been the focus in the bedroom. Those of you who, like us, love to see great beds will appreciate the new focus on the bed itself.

We have seen similar beds coming in all manner of materials, from cheap pine to laminated veneer. The cutting edge companies will combine a number of materials to attain unique color contrasts. We will be using what we know best, teak.

This new bed design line will complement well our current line in Four Poster beds, and bedroom furniture sets. We plan to create complete bedroom sets using this same style, as well as begin to experiment with other materials that complement and work with teak.

Keep checking our Bed Room Catalogue, as well as our Hot Products mailers for the latest models, and the latest designs not only in beds, but in bedroom furniture.

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