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Lantern Creative Arts, Original Bamboo Skills Baregbeg Ciamis

 Lantern Creative Arts, Original Bamboo Skills Baregbeg Ciamis

Applied arts products that are produced from hand skills always manage to captivate anyone's heart. The results of the work made from raw bamboo are mixed by the skill of the skilled hands of craftsmen and created unique lanterns.

Lantern is a creative economy product that is intended as a very unique lamp decoration. The results of this craft will add to the aesthetics of the light that hangs in every corner where the lantern is installed.

The art of crafting bamboo lanterns comes from Baregbeg District, precisely in Saguling Village which was initiated by Mr. Sumarna. He has been in this craft since 4 years ago.

When the team visited the production site, it was seen that Mr. Sumarna was making unique lantern crafts from bamboo. With dexterity, lantern products can be finished neatly and without any difficulties.

The products of this bamboo decorative craft include lampion lamps, lampshades, social lamps and often produce chicken brackets and other handicrafts made from bamboo.

Mr. Sumarna's series of production of bamboo handicrafts does not necessarily run smoothly, he said that there are often obstacles that hinder the lantern production process.

“For the problem itself, it depends on the weather, especially during the rainy season, bamboo does not dry quickly. The bamboo must be dried first,” said Sumarna

Sumarna also added that bamboo must be completely dry because it will facilitate the process of assembling or weaving and making bamboo more durable and not easily broken.

The selling price for this bamboo lantern product is around Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 50,000 depending on the complexity of the woven and the size of the product that consumers want. The marketing system itself still uses a system of entrusting goods to every stall and grocery store in the Ciamis and Tasik areas.

At the end of the discussion with Mr. Sumarna, he hoped that the creative economy business he was running would continue to grow and in the future he would be able to hire employees later.

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