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Inspired Bedside Cabinets or Nightstands

This time we bring you our collection of bedside cabinets or antique night stands. The product was created because it was medieval-inspired - that is, an important blend of retro and art deco influences of the 50s and 60s. 

Retro tapered legs with rounded edges typical of art deco style of the 50's. L56 x D32 x H61 cm.

We strive to combine it with the strength of our good craftsmanship and work only with antique old teak wood, to give you a good experience and beautiful nostalgia. We make it in a variety of designs and dimensions to meet the needs and tastes of individuals, but with a common interest in the medieval atmosphere. Hope you like it.

Smaller version of the above. L40 x D33 x H58 cm

Same design

L45 x D35 X H60 cm.

Another of our popular midcentury inspired design. L45 x d32 x H60 cm

A smaller dimension. Length of 40 cm

L 45 x D35 x H50 cm

For extra space.  L40 x D35 x H60 cm

L60 x D33 x H62 cm

Rounded edges see through side cabinet. L40 x D32 x H58 cm and  L60 x D32 x H58 cm
L80 x D32 x H58 cm. 

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