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10 Things You Should Pay Attention when Choosing a Baby Crib

 Here are ten things you should pay attention to when choosing a crib!

The birth of the baby is the most awaited moment by parents. Moreover, if his presence is the first in a family. No wonder, if just to prepare it, parents seem willing to spend an excess budget to buy various types of preparations, and one of them is the Baby Box.

There are many choices of models and designs that you can choose, such as this White Baby Box

The presence of a crib is important; considering the newborn will spend most of his time in bed, Choosing a bed for the baby; in fact must be proportional to the quality and safety. Isn't it possible for the baby to be crammed into your Luxury Bed? When the baby can sleep comfortably, indirectly this can also provide a lot of time for parents.

In the midst of the wide variety of baby crib products available on the market, it is important to ensure that bedding products are safe. Not without reason, there are many cases of babies who are injured as a result of falling out of bed; to poisoning due to hazardous materials in the bed. This article itself will discuss about choosing a safe baby bed or baby crib, without having to forget the shape or aesthetic value.

Considering the Crib

Before choosing a safe baby crib, it is necessary to take into account the function and your need for a baby crib. some questions to answer: will the baby sleep with you until independent? Or was it just placed in his bed since birth?

Baby Sleeping with Parents

In fact, babies sleeping with their parents are a common condition in Indonesia. The benefits are clearly diverse, such as the baby who will be well monitored, so that whatever the condition, parents can meet the baby's needs quickly (changing diapers, breastfeeding, carrying, etc.). However, there is a risk that is dangerous for the baby - for example, by sleeping with the parents, the baby's body parts are vulnerable to being pinched or crushed by the parents.

To overcome this risk, it's a good idea to choose a special baby bed-usually served without legs-which can eventually be placed in the middle of the parent's mattress. That way, the baby's comfort remains the main priority - at the same time the baby will get the warmth of both parents. Try to do a survey to a baby supply store; and choose the type ranging from ordinary mattresses, mosquito nets, or even: mattresses equipped with toys.

Considerations for Choosing a Baby Bed

The matter of buying a baby bed is indeed easy and difficult, unlike choosing an adult bed, which is only to decide whether it is a king bed, a luxurious bed or a single bed. in addition to a neat shape and motif, you also have to ensure safety and comfort.

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