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Between JIF-BW and IFEX Indonesia, Which One Profitable

Jepara - Roni Sukodono: "I intend to fight for the art of woodcarving at HIMKI, hopefully it will benefit Jepara, Indonesia and humanity"

Mas Roni one afternoon, "I agree, mas", I replied.

In an instant, the sky of your gallery was filled with long, fiery discussions. About carving, furniture, art, economy, politics, culture. All about Japan. What has past and what will come.

Wait, bro... Wait a minute. I'll be back for some deeper and possibly painful chats!

As promised, I will continue this discussion. How can Jepara and this carving city provide maximum benefits for the people of Jepara, especially wood carvers who are increasingly scarce. Should we go to Mas Apeep Qimo, to ask again whether we really need an artist leader? Or just a leader who understands all of Jepara's absolute potential and is able to direct cultural movements with maximum effort and is not just an orator.

Why do I agree with your work at HIMKI? Because I can hope more from friends there who in my opinion are capable in material and intellectual terms. What's more, they are more committed to advancing Jepara than the Government which is "hot in chicken droppings" which means it is not serious in building our Jepara Bumi Kartini. Thus, Mas Roni will avoid feeling hurt and disappointed with promises without concrete evidence.

I believe your statement that there are still many wood carvers who are actually capable of making great works. But who is buying, who is going to fund? We need spectacular action, shocking to publish issues that are of interest to many people (including the potential market). An authentic work requires reflection, requires an independent state of mind. Need freedom. Can that happen if they only carry out orders with strict, binding restrictions?

Is it still the city of Jepara carving?

Wait a minute, bro, I'll turn up the heat in the oven first... Oh yeah, about Jepara International Furniture Buyers week (JIF-BW), what's the point? How far have the preparations gone, how much funding, who are the donors? How much capital did the Jepara regency government provide? Who were the top Jepara people involved? If you are only facilitated by a place, then you are told to work like that and what will the result be like? Don't let this just be a perfunctory response to President Jokowi's criticism of comparing our respective regions.

Even now JIFBW is taking place March 5-19 while IFEX INDONESIA also just opened this afternoon, March 9th, what will Jepara be like? I'm in a hurry, Mas. Will the buyers of Jepara furniture exporters be invited to this event, and are they sure that all will attend because the presentations in Jepara are more interesting than those on display at Kemayoran (IFEX)? Hopefully this is not a mere political action Mas.

I'm more interested if this is conceptualized and carried out by HIMKI or whatever is carefully planned, involving the best sons and daughters of Jepara. With a reasonable timeline. Thankfully, the Jepara Regional Government has prepared quite reasonable funds too. Please ask Mr. Maskur Aulia, or other friends, what is the ideal fund for something like this? Let the local government understand and prepare it next year, for example.

It's been a long time, bro, I hope you get sweet dreams about Jepara in the future.

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