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Top 7 Styles in Indonesian Furniture

There are several options available when looking for popular kinds of Indonesian furniture. We are aware that the epidemic has altered our way of life and interests. Because we will be spending the most of our time at home, we will do our best to make it more appealing and pleasant. Because we understand that home is where our hearts are. How can we call our house "home" if it cannot keep us comfortable? Home design is no longer simply about displaying your social position. It is all about displaying your individuality and uniqueness. Your house is an extension of yourself.

Some people will recognize your personality based on where you live. The proper and excellent house design will convey the message you wish to convey.

The first step in the home decorating process is deciding on a theme. You can be into classic, minimalist, conventional, or anything you like. Choosing a core theme will give your home personality or individuality. Through your house, this theme will convey a statement about what you enjoy, your taste, or your personality.

After you've decided on the type of theme you want, you'll need some help to make your vision a reality. One method is to hunt for appropriate indoor furniture that complements your concept. Doing some study and speaking with interior design specialists would be really beneficial. However, if you are still at the beginning and don't know what to select or what to do, this article may provide you some ideas.

Here are some popular styles of Indonesian furniture that you might be interested in:

1. Minimalist Style; The way of living

Many individuals are drawn to the minimalist way of living. It also has an influence on the style of house décor. Minimalist design is usually the ideal choice for those who prefer to keep things simple and attractive. Minimalism with bare basics gives an aesthetic that is dependent on the design's efficiency.

The minimalist interior has been streamlined to optimize powerful visual impact and straightforward use of space. It is neither distracting or crowded. The elements and themes are kept as simple as possible, with concealed storage space and subtle details playing an important part. Color selection also plays a part in keeping the minimalist design on track. Colors are often used in a subtle tone. If you're looking for a chair with a minimalist design, check out our recommendations for your living area, such as the Laluna Chair or the Kubi Chair.

2. Industrial Style, which is still popular in Indonesian furniture.

Industrial interiors reflect modernism's emphasis on efficiency and utility by transforming the functioning section of a structure into something aesthetically pleasing. If you're still confused about what it looks like, here's the simplest explanation. Some people believe that industrial style is more akin to an unfinished structure or room, yet it is really finished. Beams, pillars, pipes, and flanges are positioned first to emphasize the "living machine" and add masculinity to these interior designs.

Yes, the industrial style appears to be masculine rather than feminine. However, if you don't mind the gender-based motif, this style is always worth a go. Colors in industrial style are similar to brown, gray, or any neutral hue. Furthermore, the substance of the furniture influences the style. The industrial appearance will be the spirit of your home as long as it stays on iron, metal, and wood. If you set our Hox Chair in the dining area, for example, it will undoubtedly complete your unique theme as an industrial design fan.

3. The Classic/Traditional: Everlasting Popular Indonesian Furniture Styles

Classic or traditional style is one that will never go out of style. From generation to generation, decade to decade, this style has a unique place in certain people's hearts. The topic of Indonesian traditional classics is often found in elite or upper-class society. Classic Indonesian furniture is easily identified by its bold ethnic hues with flower motifs or natural features made of wood. And the most common material utilized is rattan or teak wood. There are several forms of classic styles. If you have a thing for colonial-style furniture, you may always install the Raffles Chair or Sarah Chair in your living room.

Winged chairs, magnificent furniture, claw-foot tables, and other unusual furnishings characterize classic traditional interiors. When it comes to design, it is difficult to resist the impact of 18th-century British, French, Neoclassical, or Colonial influences on the design of the furniture.

4. Shabby-chic Style for Feminine Appearances

When you're going through Pinterest or any other social media platform, you might come across the term "shabby-chic." This is a popular motif for newlyweds to decorate their house with. This design creates a strong impression of femininity and cuteness. If you have a girl and wish to decorate her room in this manner, she will undoubtedly enjoy it.

The shabby chic aesthetic reinterprets historic British aesthetics, resulting in a gentle and feminine visual impact. The colors chosen are frequently white or a soft, pastel tint. You may use this style in only your bedroom or throughout your home.

Your own taste may influence the kind and variety of shabby chic styles you desire to develop. If you want to get a slight distressed effect while still emphasizing the wood look, use a single color to glue and softly roughen natural contact areas such as handles and edges. The Unicorn Chair or Onion Chair are our top recommendations for finishing off your motif. These two types of chairs also have a vintage feel that would complement the shabby chic style well.

5. Modern Contemporary Furniture for a Bold Statement

Looking for some popular Indonesian furniture styles? It is preferable not to overlook the modern contemporary one. People frequently confuse modern and contemporary fashion. However, the two styles are not the same. Modern furniture refers to a style from a bygone age. Meanwhile, modern furniture is concerned with the present and the future. The minimalist theme is shared by both modern and contemporary designs. Furthermore, both styles are distinguished by a clean appearance.

Modern furniture is typically made of wood or has a touch of earthy features. Meanwhile, modern furniture incorporates more glass, aluminum, and cutting-edge materials. One of the most popular furniture styles in Indonesia is mid-century modern. It is mostly constructed of wood, particularly teak wood. The essence of this furniture style is to combine extravagance with simplicity. The lounge chair is the focal point of mid-century modern design. Because of its great quality and longevity, teak wood is the most common material for lounge chairs. Furthermore, the lounge chair provides us with a tranquil and soothing environment.

6. Scandinavian: The Easiest and Most Popular Indonesian Furniture Styles

This Swedish design has recently become popular in furniture, particularly for the urban living concept. Because of its basic and functional philosophy, Scandinavian style easily matches metropolitan taste. The furniture is generally wooden Nordic style. It emphasizes solid wood components and the touch of natural materials such as linen, natural textiles, or leather. 

Furthermore, it frequently uses lighter colors such as off-white, grey, crème, or brown. It mostly employs wood components often available in Nordic nations, such as pine, beech, and ash. When it gets to Indonesia, Indonesian furniture producers change the timbers to teak wood. Teak wood is abundant in Indonesia, and its quality is unquestionable.

The popularity of Scandinavian furniture stems not only from its simplicity, but also from its functionality. It provides them with a practical perspective. As a result, this furniture design is increasingly popular among city dwellers, particularly those who live in apartments. Nowadays, the aspect of function is the most important. To maximize space function, modern folks choose adaptable furniture. 

As a result, we frequently see flexible forms in Scandinavian furniture styles. Furthermore, Scandinavian furniture has a modern and attractive appearance. It gives our space a clean and neat vibe. Adding Scandinavian furniture to your area simply adds a decorative element. In other words, Scandinavian furniture is a no-brainer for your aesthetic space.

7. Teak Root Furniture for Antique Collectors

Do you think teak root is a waste of time? Let's explore how innovative furniture designers can modify this perception. Instead of burning the teak root, they transform it into beautiful furniture. Teak root furniture is a wonderful idea for creating such a practical piece of furniture. Teak root is still the most popular furniture material in the present period. The majority of them are collectors of antiques. Teak root furniture has a distinct natural form and a high economic value. It yields a variety of furniture products, the most popular of which are teak root tables and chairs. Teak root tables and chairs add a rustic feel to your space. These are carved with a variety of designs and embellishments.

Teak root furniture enchants a wide spectrum of furniture enthusiasts, especially the expatriate community. They want high-quality materials that symbolize the originality or distinctiveness of Indonesia. Bali is a major purchaser of teak root furniture. Because Bali concentrates on selling rather than manufacture, most furniture is imported from Java, particularly Jepara. Teak root furniture is weighty, long-lasting, and sturdy. Furthermore, it has the advantage of naturally containing high levels of oils. Teak root, in other terms, is reasonably water and pest resistant. As a result, teak root furniture may be used both indoors and outdoors.

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