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How to Buy Indonesia Wood Furniture

Real wood furniture has always been a desirable home design item. Because the wood designs assist to distinguish the house. Furthermore, the wood tones provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. In every age of house trends, there are many people who are captivated by real wood furniture.

But first, we must define real wood furniture. This is furniture that is manufactured entirely of real wood and contains no additional ingredients. Real wood furniture is classified into two types: hardwood and softwood. However, 'Solid hardwood,' which is sturdy and durable, is commonly used as furniture. Because it is valued in the opinion of individuals who appreciate real wood, solid wood is today regarded a rare object.

The distinction between hardwood and softwood

First, consider the many sorts of actual wood.

1. Hard of Wood

Solid Wood or Hard of Wood is a tree that grows slowly. It took years to get it to function. As a result, there are more yearly rings in hardwoods than in softwoods. Its benefits include a hard texture, strength, and durability. Appropriate for applications requiring strength and weight (teak wood, ash, oak, walnut, mahogany, red oak, etc.).

2. Soft of wood

Softwood is a tree that grows quickly and has broad rings, less grain, and less solid wood. as a result, less sturdy than hardwood The benefit is that it is lightweight, inexpensive, and preferred for light-weight construction work. Of course, it does not have the same durability as hardwood.

Consider the term "genuine solid wood," which is widely used in furniture.

1. Teakwood

Teak is a dark brown wood with a noble tone. It exudes seriousness and nobility, making it ideal for household furniture. or a location that necessitates maturity. Furthermore, the inner circumference of teak wood is quite attractive. It will be much more stunning if you create furniture with a wood grain. Teak wood furniture types This is also the wood manufactured by our Indonesian firm.

2. Ashwooden (Ash)

It is a beige brown wood with beige brown undertones. The wood grain is obviously a mountain circle, giving it a pleasant impression of exotic wood. Suitable for producing interior wall decorating furniture People who want bright colors tend to adorn their houses with ash wood.

3. Oakwooden

Oak is a light brown undertoned wood. Going with yellow gives it a contemporary appearance while keeping the design modest. This is another color tone that appeals to folks who enjoy warm feelings. The pattern is smaller than that of ash wood. Oak is a wood that originates from Europe, America, China, and Japan, making it appropriate for modern style design.

Red Oakwood

The hue ranges from light to dark brown. but towards a little reddish tone There is a visibly deep splinter. The rustic wood finish provides a solid impression. offers a more straightforward sense than ash Popular and ideal for flooring (Hardwood Flooring)

White Oakwood

The color is light brown. The wood is yellowish-white. It has flakes more frequently than red oak. The wood surface will be less rough than red oak. with rather vibrant hues As a result, it is quite popular among individuals who want modern-style furniture. or Scandinavia.

4. Walnut wood

Walnut wood has a rich brown undertone to it. This timber is sometimes referred to as brown wood. Gives the impression of opacity, luxury, mystery, attractiveness, maturity, and a lack of pattern. Pasted with wavy designs, glossy surface, perfect for manufacturing furniture such as: dressing table, chairs, dining table will improve the environment

5. Mahogany Wood

It is a reddish brown wood with reddish brown undertones. However, the tone is milder than that of a walnut. Gives a smooth yet stable sensation, has little wood grain, yet looks great. Ideal for creating tables, guest tables, and dining table sets.

Select Real Wood Furniture What to buy? And how do you get it? Select the authentic wood tones that you want.
  • If you enjoy light brown tones, this is the color for you. Choose oak wood to provide the feeling of airiness and comfort to the eyes. Consider white oak, which is really brilliant. Consider crimson oak if you prefer red-orange.
  • If you like neutral tones, Warmth is provided by light yellow. Choose between ash and oak.
  • If you like brown, dark brown has a more dignified appearance. We prefer teak, walnut, mahogany, and other hardwoods.
However, real wood furniture may now be painted to modify its hue. Purchasing your preferred color tone When a true wood hue is needed, this option may be ideal.

Choose From Various Wood Strengths

If the issue of wood tones is left out of the equation, another element in purchasing is the strength and longevity of wood. In reality, the precise sequence may be difficult to determine since different varieties of wood, albeit from the same species, but the original Imported from various locations have varying strengths, but may generally be ranked in the following order of strength:

Class 1: Extremely Durable, Teak Wood

Definitely a winner in terms of strength. most long-lasting The older you become, the stronger you get. No matter how many different varieties of wood are sifted, Teak always comes out on top. with no doubt.

The Jepara Furniture Manufacturer website allows you to order completed wooden furniture. Please clarify your furniture requirements to us. Whether it's for hotel furniture projects, house furniture projects, apartment furniture projects, restaurant furniture projects, or something else entirely. We also provide wholesale furniture from a variety of product categories.

Class 2: Durable, Mahogany Wood.

Indonesian mahogany is more durable than mahogany from other nations. Jepara Furniture Manufacturer features a mahogany furniture catalog. Using the live chat below, you can order a mahogany furniture catalog.

Class 3: Long-lasting, Walnut Wood

There are several sorts of walnuts. Walnut timber grows in several places of Indonesia. So that its use may be employed to make functional furniture. Walnut wood is known for its durability.

Class 4: Long-lasting, White Oak 

Wood Oak is a complicated wood. Depending on the sort of oak. However, white oak is significantly more durable than red oak in general.

Class 5: Slightly Durable, Red Oak Wood

Red oak is the least hardy of the wood species on this list. However, it is more durable than ash wood.

Class 6: Not Durable, Ash 

The weakest of all timbers is ash.

Total When purchasing genuine wood furniture, the appropriate strength must be chosen. and select based on your preferred color tone to create a beautiful and satisfying house.

Finally, if you enjoy teak furniture. whether or not vintage design Modern and beautiful design or Scandinavian minimalism Visit our portfolio of high-quality teak furniture from us, Jepara Furniture Manufacturer, via live chat below. We take great care in creating each piece of furniture. and be aware of the reality regarding teak furniture.

Other types of furniture produced include classic furniture, teak furniture, wooden furniture, and reclaimed wood furniture.

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