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What is the Secret to Durability of Indonesian Furniture and How is It Treated?

If you have a new house and it is still empty or has not been filled with any items, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it furniture or something else? If furniture is your first thought, then you've opened the right item. 

 This article was created specifically for those of you who want to know the secrets of Indonesian furniture durability. And if you have the desire to buy furniture, through this article you will get information on how to properly care for furniture. Let's see this article to the end.
Secrets of Indonesian Furniture Durability

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Most of the furniture made in Indonesia is made of teak wood. Teak wood is wood that grows and spreads in several tropical countries, one of which is Indonesia. Teak wood has long been the main ingredient in Indonesian furniture making. As the main raw material for Indonesian furniture, the best quality teak wood can be found in Java. Among other things in the area of ​​Jepara, Blora and Bojonegoro. The land in these areas is apparently limestone soils that tend to be low acid. This makes the teak fertile and strong there.

So what is the secret to the durability of Indonesian furniture itself? Obviously because the basic ingredients of the wood are robust and strong like teak. This teak is one of the many quality woods used by Indonesian furniture entrepreneurs. In addition to being tough and durable, teak can last longer than you might imagine. Teca Excellence that you may not know about.

Some of the benefits of teak that you may not know about include:

  • Teak logs are straight, which makes it easy for craftsmen to process and shape.
  • Teak is resistant to water and insects such as termites. If the teak is exposed to water, the teak will remain strong and will not degrade.
  • Able to adapt to climatic changes
  • Easy to mold and process

The correct way to care for Indonesian furniture

Due to the large number of Indonesian furniture made of wood, of course, you need to know the correct way of care so that the furniture remains durable. Although various types of processed Indonesian furniture are made from teak, which is famous for being durable, you still need to care for it.

Place at normal room temperature

The first method of treatment is to place the furniture in a room with normal temperature. Neither too hot nor too cold. Hot air can cause wood oil levels to dry out faster. This affects the color of the wood, it can be more opaque and faded. While cold air can speed up the oxidation process so it can easily become covered in mold and termites.

Clean regularly

Cleaning with a small soft brush so that between furniture can also be affordable. Or you can do it the other way around, which involves spraying special wood-cleaning liquid on your furniture, then wiping and letting it dry. However, be sure to use liquids that do not contain chemical solvents such as methanol, acetone, and toluene. Although it can clean the stain, the chemical material can damage the surface layer of the wood.

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There is also a more practical and economical way to use warm water (specifically for furniture that is not lacquered). Make sure the cloth used is not too damp and rich in water. Squeeze it first until the water runs out and then gently wipe it on your furniture.

Buff occasionally with teak oil

To keep your furniture moist and color, especially teak, you can polish teak oil once every 2 years. This is done with the aim of maintaining the moisture and the color of the wood so that it remains natural and does not discolor. This treatment will be very useful if you apply it to furniture placed in an open space.

Don't sit on the armrests and turn furniture into a platform

The bad and trivial habits that usually occur in the house is to make furniture as a fulcrum to reach higher goods. Or when a large family comes to visit and can't get a seat, the armchair furniture is their choice. Both habits will have a negative impact on the resilience of the furniture. Even furniture made of strong materials that is overloaded will be easily damaged until broken.

Be careful when moving furniture

Changing the position of furniture in a room comes naturally. Because you definitely want to get a fresh new environment. Be careful when moving the furniture you have. Moving furniture on your own will pose a greater risk of damage than moving it with multiple people. Also, to move furniture that is usually large, use tools such as luggage carts, skates or cloth. Take care of your furniture and don't let it scratch just because you want

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