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SMKN 2 Jepara has Opens Creative Wood Carving Class

JEPARA - This new school year, SMK Negeri 2 Jepara has opened a creative wood carving class. The department based on local excellence will be become a pilot project for the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. This was conveyed by the Head of SMK N 2 Jepara, Subandi on Wednesday (6/19), in his Office of School.

"This year we opened a special class for wood carving," Subandi said.

The opening of this department, is one of 16 pilot project programs, schools and vocational training centers in Indonesia, which are tasked with creating curriculums that suit the needs of the business and industry.

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"From Central Java there are two schools selected, one we represent Jepara with a carving department, then there are from Magelang with a fashion department," he explained.

The carving department will focus on preserving and creating students who are proficient in carving skills. In addition, each semester students will also be tested for competence. If they graduate, they will obtain a certificate of expertise.

"At a minimum, later, until graduating, each student has six certificates of expertise," he said.

For now some of his staff are getting training related to carving material.

"Today, while our teachers are getting a training of trainers (TOT) in a furniture warehouse in Langon Village, in preparation for the opening of the carving department," he said.

In the 2014/2015 school year, the school was opened in the school. At that time the demand was quite large, and had fulfilled the learning class (class). But at that time, there was no spectrum of curriculum at the central level that specifically discussed the subject of carving. That's why before the exam students majoring in carving were included in the wood craft department.

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Asked about the interest in the special carving class, Subandi said, he was optimistic there were still many interested parties. Because there is no zoning for Vocational Schools, students who want to study in special carving majors can also come from various regions.

In addition to wooden crafts, in SMK N 2 there are also cremation, animation, fashion, textiles (weaving and batik), and metals. Carving graduates will later be expected to have competence and certificates in their fields, which can be used in the world of work.

"Even though we are now in the shade of the province, we also hope that the Regency Government will continue to support this carving department. because after all, this is the future of Jepara, "he said.

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