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Tips for Choosing Minimalist Jepara Furniture to Get the Best Products

Furniture from Jepara is one of the best types of furniture in Indonesia. Even its own popularity has reached the international market. Minimalist Jepara furniture is famous for its durability because it is made of selected and high-quality materials. 

In addition, the carvings are also so distinctive that they are able to present an elegant artistic value. These are some of the factors that make Jepara furniture synonymous with a luxurious impression. To make a minimalist-style home design look luxurious, it is not uncommon to use this furniture from Jepara.

Although the price is slightly more expensive, minimalist Jepara furniture is certainly the right choice for those who want long-term durability.

As a complement to the interior of the house, the selection of wooden furniture must be in the right portion, including the design. For a minimalist design-style interior, it is better to avoid choosing furniture that has too many carvings. Because it doesn't fit and looks too old-fashioned. Moreover, you also have to adjust to the furniture and other wall decorations so that they are not cluttered.

When you want to buy minimalist Jepara furniture to meet the needs of the interior of the house, you should do more research. This is only so that what you choose fits the needs of the room so that the costs you incur produce a good interior design arrangement.

Tips for Choosing the Best Minimalist Jepara Furniture Design

To make a minimalist home design look good and elegant, of course you have to use furniture that supports it too. Currently, there are many good minimalist Jepara furniture, not too many carvings and the shape is simple. You can choose it to make your minimalist home look more beautiful.

So, what are some tips for choosing minimalist Jepara furniture products that support the interior appearance of the room?

1. Research Materials and Choose the Best

Jepara furniture is indeed made of high quality materials, but they also have grades for each product to provide price variations. It's a good idea to understand what type of wood is used for the furniture you are interested in.

Do not just choose, but ask directly with the craftsman. Because at this time there are many Jepara craftsmen who make furniture at low prices but the materials are not so high quality. If you understand, the chances of getting a price that matches the quality of the goods will be higher.

2. Consider Carefully About Color Selection

In the past, Jepara furniture always had natural colors or real wood colors. Such as light brown, dark brown and others. But now many craftsmen are starting to innovate with their work. They not only made Jepara furniture with natural colors, but also white, gray and other colors.

If you apply a Scandinavian minimalist home, modern or monochrome, you can choose white furniture for shelves, beds, and wall decorations.

But if you want to use a natural minimalist home design, choose natural colors. Semi-finished furniture colors are also suitable for use because they will not go out of style and can be used in any home design.

For the dining room table, choose a natural color with an uneven table cut. The impression of this unfinished table will beautify the room and impress the anti-mainstream design.

3. Avoid Carved Furniture

Avoid choosing furniture that has a lot of carvings because later the impression will be like a traditional house design. Another reason is that it is less easy to maintain. Caring for carved wood furniture requires patience because the surface is uneven, so cleaning is relatively difficult, for example when wiping.

You can choose furniture, especially chairs from Jepara teak wood with additional seat cushions to match the current classic living room design trend.

You can also choose other furniture such as bookcases, television tables [sideboard], and dining tables from Jepara furniture products. If you are really interested in adopting a minimalist Jepara teak wardrobe, you can also because there are products.

For color selection, you can choose white, gray, black or other colors. This design can be used for a Scandinavian or monochrome style minimalist home.

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