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10 Advantages of Jepara Furniture Products

Products from Jepara Furniture have been proven and are undoubtedly of good quality both inside and outside the country. In addition to using high-quality materials such as teak, mahogany and trembesi wood, Jepara furniture also has many designs that are typical of Jepara.
With a variety of beautiful carvings, Jepara furniture is not only furniture that has use value, but also has high artistic value. This is because Jepara furniture craftsmen continue to innovate to bring the latest designs to keep them out of date. For those of you who are interested in products from Jepara furniture, here are just a few of the advantages of Jepara furniture compared to furniture in other cities.

1. Jepara Furniture Suitable for All Home Interior Design Concepts

The living room Your house has a minimalist style? Classic? Neo-Classical? Don't worry, Jepara furniture products match all styles of decoration. Even though your home's living room has a modern design though, Jepara furniture remains elegant as a traditional touch.
Just adjust the color of Jepara furniture and fabric patterns on the chair with other elements in the room by matching the interior concept of your house. The size of Jepara furniture must be proportional to the size of the room. The room must have empty space beside Jepara Furniture Products. Not too full and not too empty space.

Choose Jepara furniture products that are in accordance with the design concept of the room. Complex carvings can be a single choice to fill a room. Too much carving will make the decor look excessive and saturate.

2. The best material for Jepara furniture products

In general, Jepara furniture uses the best quality teak or mahogany materials, so its durability makes Jepara furniture superior. Jepara furniture made from teak wood can last well for up to 20 years. While for Mahogany around 15 years.

Mahogany and teak wood in Jepara furniture products are known as the best wood in Indonesia. The wood texture is finer with sharp fibers, and more uniform colors.

Jepara furniture is also comfortable to use because it is sturdy and proportionate. Although the price of Jepara furniture is relatively higher, this is in accordance with the results of quality and luxurious products.

3. Carving on a Typical Worldwide Jepara Furniture

Jepara Furniture Carving Engraver has proven its expertise to make carvings smooth and complicated. This is not obtained at Furniture craftsmen outside Jepara.
Carving on Jepara furniture also has a characteristic on each of its products. The uniqueness of Jepara Furniture Products is because of manual work with hand made or done directly by craftsmen. So that it produces Jepara furniture products that have luxurious high-class classic carvings. Jepara furniture carvings also appear more elegant and lively. This is what makes Jepara furniture look up to the international market.

4. Jepara Furniture Products Are More Durable

Teak wood in Jepara furniture has the best quality compared to teak produced by other countries. Teak from Indonesia has been proven and is known to be stronger and more durable than teak from other countries, such as India, Myanmar, Thailand or the Philippines. Because its durability can reach tens of years. It is this factor that many Furniture collectors are interested in collecting Jepara furniture products. Even the older the age of Jepara furniture, the higher the value.

The quality of materials used in a furniture product can affect the price. For example, made from teak or mahogany wood usually has a high resistance because it is made of solid wood.

5. Jepara Furniture Products are Waterproof and Termite Attack

The biggest challenge from furniture made from wood is water resistance and insect attacks such as termites and other wood insects. But teak wood in Jepara furniture has natural oil content, making Jepara furniture more resistant to water and termite attacks. Therefore, Jepara furniture products are also suitable to be placed outside the home such as a terrace or garden. Both interior and exterior, Jepara furniture products remain a classy pride.

6. Jepara Furniture products become elegant and classy luxury items

The entire process of making Jepara furniture is carried out with high quality standards. Starting from the selection of materials, cutting, production, until the final results are done with good quality control and thorough. A trained workforce and has become a quality standard for Jepara furniture production.

Color selection of production results can be adjusted to the concept of the room. Both from the natural concept and Jepara furniture products can be an option in the living room or other space. Jepara furniture finishing is also capable of adopting European and other country-style finishing. The advantages of neutral wood colors can balance the atmosphere of the room.

7. Jepara Furniture Products Have Several Grades

To be able to have Jepara furniture products with limited funds, you can buy Jepara furniture products with grade B or C. Jepara Furniture products have three grades that you can adjust to your finances and needs.

The lowest grade is grade C. Made from solid wood, grade C Jepara furniture usually still leaves a white line on the wood used so that the furniture color looks uneven. Existing Jepara furniture products are made from seven types of solid wood, namely teak, mahogany, ulin, sungkai, pine, beech, and bamboo. The price also adapts to the wood material of Jepara Furniture products.

The advantage of Prduk Mebel Jepara grade C is that the price is affordable but still looks luxurious, the disadvantages can only be seen by people who are experts on wood. If you have more budget, choose Jepara grade B furniture at a price that is slightly more expensive but more durable. The final result is finer than grade C.

Whereas grade A is the best quality Jepara furniture. Careful handling and using polyurethane as the final layer. Jepara grade A Furniture Products are resistant to weather challenges in various countries.

8. Satisfactory Final Results of Jepara Furniture Products

In Jepara, there are many craftsmen who are experts and experienced in handling Jepara furniture finishing. Not surprisingly, Jepara furniture is unique and of high quality, such as smooth texture and even color.

The living room equipped with Jepara furniture products will look elegant and artistic without the need for too many ornaments. Precisely with a minimalist impression, Jepara furniture is able to become an attractive accent.

Good quality Jepara furniture products also have a flat and undulating surface. As a result, Jepara furniture is able to give the impression of luxury in the room.

9. Jepara Furniture Products Have Many Types of Products

Jepara furniture products are not only limited to chairs and cabinets, but also can find a variety of products from Jepara furniture. If you only want to replace a table, bookcase or lounge chair, then Jepara furniture also produces these products. Everything can be produced in the city of Ukir.

10. Jepara Furniture Products are easy to find anywhere

Jepara furniture products have spread throughout Indonesia and abroad. To find Jepara Furniture Products, only need to look for Jepara furniture stores in your city. So you don't need to go to Jepara, you can find Jepara furniture products in your own city.

There are many furniture stores that provide Jepara furniture products. If you can't buy directly, you can buy it online for Jepara furniture products. You can also contact us here.

Now, you already know the 10 advantages of Jepara furniture that you don't necessarily find in other furniture products. So what are you waiting for? Complete your room with Jepara furniture today!

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