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Geometric Shapes in Interior Design

If you want your home to look more spacious, use light colors. To blend a personality with interior design, master the art of playing with texture. When designing a home that fits your lifestyle, think about the materials. Color, texture, and materials are some of the core visual elements that homeowners and designers consider when trying to achieve a certain look or feel – and that's for sure. 

Beyond this, we're trying to introduce a stylish and visually appealing room shape, and it will influence the mood you're trying to create. Regular or irregular designs, color ambiguity or others in the interior design scheme provide various perspectives on the individual. We'll cover how you can play with the decor in your home.

A Psychology of Form

A work of art can have an effect on your feelings and mood because of its composition. Basically, art creation always comes back to one thing – geometric shapes. Associated with different emotions, shape is a unique form of expression that can be used to add a new touch to your room.

Curves and Circles

Representing continuous movement, the lack of boundaries represents harmony, elegance and sensuality. With a fluid angle, this is the ideal shape for experimenting.

Angle Shape

Strong and stable in their composition, squares, rectangles and triangles exude balance, professionalism and stability. Its rigid structure is also associated with persistence.

Interior Design 101

How to incorporate shapes at home without getting too specific about concept and composition, bringing form into a space is all about fun and elevating the moral dimension of a typical boxy room. All you have to do is remember one basic design principle – the rule of thirds. Your entire house doesn't have to be covered in any particular form. In a designated area of ​​your home, simply add some beautiful elements that occupy a third of the space. Positioning certain pieces and adhering to this principle creates more visual interest and controls what people see when they enter your home.

Homes in Singapore are built to some degree of geometry, and homeowners unconsciously add to their home decor. Most of these are safe options that include both horizontal and vertical - squares and rectangles are generally the most common geometric shapes to work with. From modular sofas and coffee tables to dining tables, there is a huge selection available at furniture stores in Singapore. If repeating the rigid stance of such a shape seems undesirable, accessing your living room with just one major geometric piece, such as a bookshelf, is a great idea. Make sure they have different orientations that create a bold structure like the Luceo display shelf.

Break the Stereotype

In an apartment full of slanted lines, sharp corners, and similarly shaped furniture, you can break the monotony to build a more comfortable design. Adding a "new" shape will stand out from the rest and distract from the usual, flat details. For example, for a coffee table, a round table tends to be an option. Experimenting with other shapes like triangles turns basic furniture into one with an artistic aspect – these shapes add a bit of fun, and functionality isn't compromised. The Dansk coffee table is a perfect example of this – its triangular shape and flexible legs look like sculptural ornaments.

Play With Different Shapes

It is very important to understand the difference between geometric shapes in furniture selection and geometric designs in patterns. The geometric patterns seen in wallpaper or textiles tend to steal the show, requiring delicate furniture choices to be made. However, with geometric shapes in the furniture, you can play and layer freely when designing your home in Singapore.

Take living room furniture, for example. In a room with a rectangular TV console and coffee table and L-shaped sofa, this shape as opposed to straight lines would add a bit of creative flair. Armchairs, like swivel faux leather club chairs, are contemporary. Its elegant shape offers a touch of luxury while complementing other decorating styles.

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