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A New Apartment is a must-have piece of Furniture

 Furnishing a new home: where to start?

For many, the process of setting up a new home is difficult and even daunting. Bare walls, an empty room - it is not clear where to start and what needs to be done to make it all turn into a cozy nest. We want to share with you tips on what furniture to buy first if you are moving into a new apartment or house.

Take care of your sleeping place

Start by setting up your bedroom. There you will definitely need a bed. Give preference to a rectangular shape - it is easy to pick up bedding and other accessories for it. Take special care when choosing a mattress. Often they come with a bed, but if it is possible to change it for a more comfortable one for you, do it. And it's very simple to test it: just ask to lie down on it in the salon for a few minutes.

In a new apartment, the main criterion for choosing furniture should be its functionality. So take a closer look at modular beds. They not only save space, but are generally very roomy. So you can store more than just bedding there.

If you have a small studio apartment or studio apartment, we recommend purchasing a sofa bed. Give preference to rectangular models with upholstery of the same tone, made of dense fabric - they do not become outdated and do not go out of fashion for a long time. The sofa of this model is comfortable to sleep on, and it will perfectly fit into any living room.

Equip the kitchen

A dining table in a new apartment is a must-have piece of furniture. Here we also recommend choosing a rectangular table - more people can fit behind it than an oval or round one. A table of this shape saves space, it will easily fit into any room size, it can be moved to a wall or corner at any time.

Buy some folding chairs - they are not only comfortable to sit on, but can also be moved to any room, and they also save space.

Take care of storage

Of course, you need to take care of where to store things. A new apartment needs at least one large closet with several compartments to accommodate the clothes you need now and constantly used things.

For various little things, you can buy baskets or containers - they will add a little coziness to the apartment. For books and souvenirs, buy simple open shelving, or attach hanging shelves to the walls.

Buy mirrors

One mirror in the apartment is not enough. You will have to buy at least two of them - in the bathroom and in the hallway. A small mirror is suitable for the bathroom, which can be easily attached to the wall. And in the hallway, the floor model is perfect. In the future, it can be transferred to the bedroom or living room.

After you get the most necessary pieces of furniture, you can move on to the pleasant little things - put soft rugs on the floor, hang framed photographs on the walls, buy some pillows for the living room and everything that, in your opinion, will add comfort to the apartment!

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