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Tegal Regency has an Open and Dynamic Characteristic

In order to raise the vision and do the mission which is decided, we need to make a development implementing strategy. It depends on internal strategic condition and eksternal strategic environtment. Based on internal strategic, implementation of development strategies must consider the potential and the limitations that are owned by the Tegal regency which include geographic, social, cultural, natural resources, spatial and land, infrastructure, industry, commerce, finance, politics, law and security.

The Tegal Regency has an open and dynamic characteristic, making it very easy to adapt and change. It also has a high capability in adopting a new science and technology. However this open characteristic nature is also at risk of entry of influence - the bad influence of foreign culture that does not comply with the norms that are still held by the noble society during this time.

Tegal Regency consists of 18 subdistricts, 287 villages and 6 urban villages with a total area reached 87 .879 ha. Mostly are dry soil (71 450 ha) and the rest are rice fields ( 29 958 ha). The use of dry land is generally used for farms and the others are used for rice field which using agricultural irrigation. The irrigation itself used 3 kinds of irrigation. 5640175 ha uses of technical irrigation. 3336790 ha uses irrigation semi-technical and simple irrigation used for 2893726 ha. and rain fed used for 280.87100 ha.

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Department of Education Strategic Plan on National year of 2009 - 2014 declared that equity of access to higher education, including through capacity building of education at colleges both undergraduate and diploma programs in both the government-run universities and foundations "private" so that the gross enrollment rate is expected to college can be reached 18 percent in 2013 The limited fiscal capacity of the central government has encouraged the government through the directorate general of higher education national education department to implement the strategy of equity and expanding access to higher education has been directed at increasing the role of public participation and local governments in the establishment of new colleges. In line with the educational improvement program that focused on the strata, the establishment of new colleges or universities focused on the form of high school.

Karima University is a college that will organize professional education program in a branch or some branch of science., Technology or expertise. With a minimum course of study which must be held by Karima University School is Seven faculties go with eleven courses.

The high cost of tuition and living expenses to be incurred is one obstacle in studying the high education in Tegal, so the gross enrollment rate for college is low. This figure also affects the low human development index that states Indonesia only ranks 112th of 117 countries surveyed. In Tegal regency number of high school graduates Academic Year 2010/2011 is as many as 9285 students. This suggests that the potential of high school alumni in Tegal regency is large enough to be facilitated by establishing a college in Tegal regency.

Improving the quality of man must be supported by development in the field of education and also supported by the development in the health field. The development in health is an integral part of national education, aims to improve community health status. Successful development in the field of health is not separate from the availability of qualified health personnel in sufficient numbers and evenly. In accordance with current government policies and the uncertain economic situation, the Government always supports the creation of the high quality Human Resources through higher education.

Karima University has a positive role for the development of science, the progress of society, and development of the nation and the State. The role is carried out through the Tri Dharma university, namely education and teaching, research and devotion to the people.

Field of science that will be hosted by the Karima University consists of seven faculty Tegal namely: Faculty of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Public Health, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. These faculties is founded related to the potential areas where the high school graduates have very big interest in the faculty of the above according to the number of students who went to university such as UNDIP (Semarang), UNNES (Semarang), Unsud (Purwokerto) and other colleges residing in the city of Semarang, Purwokerto and the students who went out of Jogjakarta and Central Java provinces because of its limited number college in the Tgal city and in the Tegal regency.

Along with the high level of competition and the demands to improve the professionalism and careers, the need is caused by the economic status of Tegal regency which is getting beter from year to year and the high awareness of the importance of education . From the survey results also obtained the data that indicates the form the college that students are enthused by : University (56%) and the Polytechnic / Academic (D3) (12%).

Although the primary interest of the high school alumni is the University, but the capacity of the existing university in Tegal regency is very limited, but according to government programs that give priority to the Higher Education so As - Syiffa Foundation Tegal Regency has an opportunity to establish the University. So the input needs to be managed in a container of educational institution which able to create graduates who are ready to use and full of excellence (competence graduate). level of educational qualification which resulted by Pelita Nusantara University expected to be able to work professionally according to the science which have learned. Faculty of Medicine, for example, is expected to create doctors who want to serve the community and actively participate in Tegal regency, as in Tegal Regency still need doctors who want to take an active role, especially in poor villages as either an institution or institutions and individuals who work according to his expertise.

According to graduation data in Tegal Regency from 2005 until 2012 showed that over the last five years the number of high school graduates in Tegal regency were increased by two percent. Based on the survey to high school students, the interest to continue their studies into higher education is quite high (92%).

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