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UKM in Jepara Not Comply with C0v1d-19 Health Protocol

Small and medium business operators (UKM) in Jepara Regency have not complied with health protocols to prevent the spread of C0v1d-19.

It is feared this will trigger the spread of the corona virus so as to create a new cluster of UKM in Jepara Regency. The non-compliance of UKM in Jepara Regency related to this health protocol is the result of a sudden inspection (sudden inspection) by a member of the DPRD Dapil V in Carving City. This electoral district contains representatives from the various commissions and factions. Including a member of commission C whose work is in the field of manpower affairs in Jepara Regency.

The Commission, which is one of the fields of work in charge of manpower affairs, is conducting spot checks at the centers of UKM in Jepara Regency.

DPRD Commission C Chairperson Jepara Nur Hidayat said awareness of UKM to implement the C0v1d-19 health protocol was indeed low.

This practice is evenly distributed among UKM business centers in Jepara Regency. Especially the furniture, furniture and carving business sectors.

The indication is that UKM in Jepara Regency do not wear masks, do not keep their distance and do not prepare hand washing facilities when carrying out their activities.

"I see it like that (when inspected). And it can also be checked directly in the field. Home-based UKM are in the same condition," Nur Hidayat said, Monday (07/07/2020).

Touched about the health protocol C0v1d-19 in large companies in Jepara Regency, according to Nur Hidayat the conditions are different. Large companies especially those with the status of foreign investment (PMA) have implemented SOPs related to C0v1d-19.

According to this Jepara DPRD politician Nasdem faction, this is also because the PMA is bound by international policy.

"We were inspected several times. It was really strict. Measurement of the employee's body temperature even up to three times a day," he explained.

Nur Hidayat hopes that UKM in Jepara Regency are more compliant with the C0v1d-19 health protocol.

In order not to form a new cluster of C0v1d-19 distribution among UKM in Jepara Regency.

"If there is something positive, it's a pity. UKM activities can't even work. So let's comply with the C0v1d-19 health protocol," he said.

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